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One rainy Friday, my colleagues and I made reservations at Sweet Mango for lunch. Sweet Mango is actually located in a tiny strip mall, on the north side of Whyte Ave right beside a veterinarian clinic. Upon arriving at the restaurant, parking proved to be a slight issue as there was limited parking in the lot and on Whyte Ave.  Regardless, I managed to parallel park into a tight spot on Whyte Ave despite medium traffic flow. 

Upon entering the restaurant, I was greeted with reddish and brown wall tones. Dark tables and heavy set chairs with a moderate number of tables. There were also a few big groups in the restaurant, ourselves included - most likely because it was a Friday. Despite the fact that we had approximately 14 people and counting, service was accommodating and they made every attempt to seat us at the same long table; even adding in an additional square table. By all accounts, service this day was good. They were able to make some dishes faster as some colleagues had limited time for lunch, while others had special preferences. The menu at Sweet Mango is definitely extensive. With over 100 dishes, there were quite a few dishes to choose from. The dish below was by far the most popular dish ordered at our table this visit. Priced at $13 or so, I felt that it was a bit pricier than its fellow counterparts at similar restaurants. However, since there is no other competition for several blocks (closest being Maki Maki) Sweet Mango is probably able to maintain a higher price point for this dish. The dish still tasted great, the fish sauce was not watered down, and my bean sprouts still had a nice & crunchy texture to it (I had asked them to be cooked).     

Grilled pork, sliced chicken, and spring rolls on a bed of thin vermicelli, sliced carrots, cucumbers and bean sprouts. Served with fish sauce on the side.  

This dish that one of my colleagues got was likely the one dish everyone wished they got. When food arrives on a sizzling hot plate, how can you suddenly desire it? Chicken curry with mixed vegetables and served with coconut rice on the side, the diner thought it was delicious (not at all spicy!) and everyone envied her dish!
This last dish was also a popular one at our table. Also a vermicelli, but this one was topped with grilled pork, sliced chicken and a salad roll (Gỏi cuốn).  


Sweet Mango also has take-out for those that live in the area or if you pass the restaurant on your way home from work. It seems good for lunch during the work week, but speed of service can vary depending on the day. So, if you're in a slight rush, it may be better to tell your waiter that you would appreciate your food coming out as soon as possible. As for me, in my books this place will be a good lunch option once in a while, as dishes were often priced on the higher side.  

Sweet Mango
9120 82 Avenue Northwest
Edmonton, AB
(780) 462-8929

they also have a facebook page!
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