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Creamy Bacon Kale Potato Soup for A Rainy Day (or Any Day) - Slow Cooker Recipe

I used to not like Kale. I wouldn't say I hated it but I found it bitter and weird. I didn't understand why people liked it so much, but recently I was surprised to find that I have grown to love Kale. A few years ago we started making crispy kale chips (super easy) from purchases at farmer's market. From our recent stay in Ottawa, I really enjoyed Farm Boy's super tasty kale caesar salad so much so that I started to make kale salads at home.
I was craving hot soup during a stretch of rainy days in Edmonton. In a mission to "clear out the fridge" I did a quick inventory looking for ingredients to put into a soup. My eyes landed on the kale that had been sitting in the fridge for the past week and the last of the potatoes (some of which were sadly looking a bit suspicious). Combine the above with the bacon in our freezer we had a winning combination for soup!

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