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Chaussons-aux-pommes Recipe from Duchess At Home Cookbook

Duchess Bake Shop is not just some random highly acclaimed Edmonton-based bakery, it happens to be the bakery in the same city that I live in. It is not an exaggeration to say that I have ordered and eaten all their baked goods over the last decade. So, it was exciting in 2014 when one of the owners, Giselle Courteau, published her first cookbook Duchess Bake Shop where she shared the recipes for their most popular pastries and cakes. Recently this past Fall, I was offered a copy of Giselle's second cookbook Duchess at Home where she shared recipes that she enjoys baking at home.
After flipping through the cookbook, I thought that some of the recipes were more accessible because it's something that she makes all the time. One of the first recipes I wanted to bake was her Chaussons-aux-pommes. These are French-style apple turnovers using puff pastry so it is extra buttery and flaky. I was given permission to share the recipe from the cookbook which comes with more tips.   Ingre…

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