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The Marc Restaurant - Edmonton

The Marc Restaurant in Edmonton -  a solid choice for French food in Edmonton Anytime anyone asks me what my favourite restaurants are in Edmonton, the Marc definitely makes my top 3. We have been going here steadily since it opened back in 2011, but I have never written about this fantastic place. My mom still talks about the amazing Artic Char that she had when we brought her there four or five years ago.
We recently went to The Marc on a Friday evening double date with some friends. We were happy that we made reservations in advance because the place quickly became packed with lots of other people enjoying a Valentine's Day evening dinner. We were tempted by the three course special, but opted to share some of our mainstays from the menu. This meant we started off with the Moules et frites (mussels and fries). Based on the recommendation of a friend, we asked for the fries to be cooked extra crispy and, as usual, The Marc did not disappoint.

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