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Chaussons au Anana - Pineapple Turnover Recipe

Recipe for Chaussons au Anana - Pineapple Turnovers When Dan and I were in Taiwan we really loved eating pineapple cakes. They were often super fresh with cooked down pineapple fillings surrounded by a shortbread crust. As Lunar New Year was coming up, Dan wanted to make pineapple cakes (a traditional Lunar New Year treat in Singapore and Taiwan) but also incorporate croissants or some kind of laminated pastry.  Dan recently came across a pineapple jam filling from a Singaporean Chef named Violet Oon . This recipe involves stewing the pineapples with cinnamon and cloves, something very different from Dan's previous iterations. We had some puff pastry in the freezer and thus, Dan's need to combine different elements was satisfied through making a pineapple turnover, or a Chausson au Anana. Outside ChiaTe - this pineapple cake had a blend of pineapple and mashed winter melon SunnyHills Pineapple cakes - this one was 100% pineapple Ingredients *Makes 8 large pastries or 18 medium

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