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Cheesecake from Dorie Greenspan's Every Day Dorie

  Let's continue following along with Cook the Book Fridays and cooking from Dorie Greenspan's "Every Day Dorie". This week's was a Cheesecake. We had the option of using mandarin, tangerine or another citrus if we couldn't find tangerines. I loved how quick it was for this cheesecake to come together. I must admit that I have never made a tangerine or mandarin flavour cheesecake before so this was a first. I was a bit sad that the cheesecake dropped a bit as it cooled in the oven and then the fridge (over 8 hours) but overall the cheesecake came out of the pan so well. I loved that the cheese cake was so simple. The flavour came mainly from the zesting of the mandarins into sugar and then slowly whisking together cream cheese, ricotta and eggs.  A slight layer of melted honey is slathered on top to give the cheesecake a shiny glaze. As you can see this cheesecake was quite large! Good thing there are many neighbours around us to help us eat all the food we ex

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