Dual coloured Macarons - Using Pierre Herme's method

The macarons for this month's macaron challenge looks almost like christmas - which may be fitting for some days in Edmonton (since it snowed)! This month's mactweet challenge #29 was to create "Colour my World Macarons". Macs could either have different tops or bottoms or even different colours in the shell! I have yet to venture out into creating different colours in the same shell, so I decided to do two different coloured shells & use two different techniques. Pink shells were made with the French Meringue method while green shells were made using an Italian Meringue method; described within Pierre Herme's Macaron book.

I'll go into detail about this method (the green shells) in the next post. One thing I noticed is that while the French Meringue method required a lot of trial and errors, Pierre Herme's method was quite successful on the first try. Pierre Herme is true to everything he embodies as his recipe created consistent, sturdy, shells with feet. 

Enjoy the rest of the pictures! These are macarons filled with matcha buttercream and either a lychee jelly or raspberry jelly filling.     


  1. What beautiful macarons in such lovely flavors!

    1. thanks Lora! let me know if you ever have any questions about macarons!

  2. Replies
    1. they are!! have you tried your hand at making macarons? Do you have a favourite flavour?

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  4. I could so use one right now!!


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