Kerstin's Chocolate is Back!

The other night, I drove all the way to the other side of town to the Highlands Market to get these beloved Chocophilia bars. The rumours are true! One of Edmonton's beloved chocolate bars & products - Kerstin's is back! Kerstin's sister Angie, who lives in Edmonton, agreed to continue making more of the bars herself (in smaller batches) and selling them at farmer markets around the city. Click here to read more of the story from Kerstin's blog

Like some of you, I've been hoarding my stash of Kerstin's Chocophilia bars and their Spicy Drinking Chocolate. Thankfully, the hoarding is no longer needed as we can all replenish our stash of Chocophilia bars! I love the variety of flavours that Kerstin's Chocolate has available as they are a blend of classic (e.g. dark chocolate, mint) and new flavours (e.g. Cardomint, Lemon Dream). The ones I love in particular are their Hot Chocolate and Fleur del Sel bars. The Hot Chocolate bar is made with 72% Ecuadorian dark chocolate. BUT, the real surprise is the chili. As you bite in you get this nice, rick dark chocolate flavour which suddenly melds with a kick of chili spice and then back to the round notes of dark chocolate. In contrast, the Fleur del Sel is made with 49% Venezuelan milk chocolate and sea salt. So there is a more subtle taste on your tongue before you get the highlights of sea salt. If this sounds a lot like a description for wine, then you're right. Chocolate bars can have as much complexity as a red wine.  

In talking to Angie, she will be selling the Chocophlia Bars, Cocoa Nib Caviars and Spiced Drinking Chocolate at the Collingwood's Market on Sunday October 7 from 10 - 3pm. The more exciting news is that she was recently accepted for the City Market Downtown and will be there starting October 20th (10am-3pm).

Such great news for Edmonton's chocolate lovers! I for one have some great plans for Christmas gifts!


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