Fondita Day by Mariel Montero at Expressionz Cafe

After trying out taco day at Expressionz Cafe back in March, I was keen on coming back for their much talked about Fondita Day. Fondita Day, is where mexican comfort food is presented Thursday evenings from 5-9pm at Expressionz Cafe. Mariel Montero, is the organizer and cooks up all the delicious dishes for both Fondita Day & Taco Day. As Fondita Day is not every Thursday, it is best to check their online calendar or follow them on Facebook. The good news is that the next Fondita Day is this coming Thursday July 31, 2014!

While we were enjoying our meal I also had the opportunity to meet the team behind the good eats for Fondita as well as Taco Day! Mariel Montero is the lady wearing the black apron in the first row. Look for her on your next visit!

To start our meal, we ordered a Horchata which is a rice based Mexican drink flavoured with cinnamon. Super refreshing and tasty, as can be seen!

The Costillas Enchilades arrived first with some warm tortillas. The slow cooked ribs were soft and the meat easily fell off the bone. This made it very easy to assemble our tortillas with the refried beans and rice.

Pork Flautas were next up. These were tasty, crispy pork filled tortillas that had been rolled and topped with lettuce, queso fresco, crema and slices of thick avocados. I liked how these flautas came with avocados and crema as they helped balance the heaviness of the tortillas.

The last item we ordered was the Gordita. The 'pancake' was made with homemade masa dough so it was more on the light side and topped with similar ingredients to the Flautas with the exception of the homemade cheese! Again, this is an item that we would order again. I am also curious about what the vegetarian options for both the Gorditas and Flautas would taste like, so we will certainly have to come back to try more dishes and variations. Plus, each Fondita Day serve different dishes so there will be lots of variety.

Sadly, by the time we arrived around 6:30pm that Thursday night, they had sold out of the Pastel Aztecas (mexican style lasagna with layers of goodness!). However, we bumped into a friend of ours and he assured us that they were delicious. We did have a small taste of his, but I am thinking having a full sized order would be needed! Hopefully, the next time we visit Fondita night we will have the chance to try the Pastel Aztecas.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and check out the next Fondita Day at Expresszionz Cafe on Thursday July 31. I am certain that not only are all the dishes at Fondita Day delicious (they change each time), but incredibly affordable. All the dishes Dan and I ordered came to $27.

If you do head out to Fondita Day or Taco Day, let me know how it went and which dishes you ordered!

Expressionz Cafe Market & Meeting Place
9938 70 Ave, Edmonton, AB
(780) 437-3667
Cafe is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Taco & Fondita Days are listed on the calendar or on Facebook.
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  1. I love Mexican food, and this looks pretty authentic - thanks for the heads-up on Expressionz cafe.

  2. It is amazing here! Seriously authentic! I too was super impressed. Try their taco days if you can't make it out to the thursdays. Mariel also mentioned that starting this saturday aug 9 she will have mexican breakfasts too! I think it will be every other sat. either way you won't be disappointed. We have a friend that comes to fondita night every thursday they have it!


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