More Eats at Bodega 124st - Tapas Bar by Sabor

Stuffed Piquillo Peppers on a wooden board at Bodega 124
Stuffed Piquillo Peppers
Recently, Sabor opened another one of their Bodega tapas Bar in the 124 street area. This is their third wine and tapas bar with the original Bodega in downtown Edmonton and their second one in the Highlands. Opened by Chef Lino Oliveira and Christian Mena, the concept for this tapas restaurant is similar to the others with a focus on authentic Spanish and Portuguese small plates.  At Bodega 124st you will see a focus on different types of pintxos (small snacks/finger food). The eye-catching art work when you enter the restaurant will definitely capture your attention. 

Potato + Morcela Sausage topped with a slightly runny Quail Egg
Potato + Morcela Sausage + Quail Egg Tortilla
We had the opportunity to try many of their tapas at their media night. Some of my favourites include a refreshing eggplant curry and cucumber salsa bruschetta, a prawn and scallop ceviche, these little potato + morcela sausage stacks topped with a runny quail egg and their stuffed piquillo peppers (not spicy!).  Below are a few photos of the tapas from the night. 
eggplant curry and cucumber salsa bruschetta
Eggplant curry and cucumber salsa bruschetta
Salt Cod & Potato Pintxos at Bodega 124
Salt Cod & Potato Pintxo

Prawn & Scallop Ceviches at Bodega 124
Prawn & Scallop Ceviche 
Warm Sardine Relleno on a white plate at Bodega 124
Warm Sardine Relleno

Truffle + Quail Egg + Potato warm tapas at Bodega 124
Truffle + Quail Egg + Potato

board cheek and pickled cabbage bocadillo on a warm bun at Bodega 124
Boar Cheek + Pickled Cabbage Bocadillo
I had such a great time at Bodega on 124st sampling all the various options. I am looking forward to going back soon as the many lunch specials for their pintxos they feature on their instagram have me wanting more.

Bodega 124st
Tapas & Wine Bar by Sabor
12417 Stony Plain Rd. 
Edmonton, AB
(780) 250-6066
11am-11pm (Monday-Friday), 4pm - late (Sat & Sun)


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