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Refreshing Green Spring Soup

Wow, is time flying by fast or what? I can't believe it is already May, which means it is time for another Cook the Book Fridays following Dorie Greenspan's Every Day Dorie Cookbook. This week brings us to page 80 and her Green-As-Spring Soup. I was seriously hoping that by the time I blogged this post I could confidently say that Spring has come & sprung here in Ottawa. Sadly, it seems to me that I have moved to a rainy city. I think I need to invest in a rain coat soon. Of course, after gathering all the items for this green soup last week at Farm Boy (which is apparently my newest obsession for purchasing veggies), I walked back into winter flurries and rain. 

The recipe for Dorie's Green-As-Spring Soup uses many fresh veggies including a slim zucchini, 2 large stems of leek, fresh basil, garlic and shallot. 
I prepped all the ingredients according to Dorie's instructions. After the prep, I realized that I didn't have a big enough stove top pot, so I used my instant pot on saute mode for most of the recipe. The recipe is fairly straightforward. First, you start cooking shallot and garlic in hot butter and oil. Then sliced and cut leeks are added in and cooked until softened but not browned.

Next, 5 cups of chicken stock followed by sliced zucchini, asparagus and two sprigs of basil. I also added in a few pinches of salt at this point as the chicken stock I used was an organic no sodium one.
Once all the veggies have softened up and the chicken stock has started to bubble, carefully spoon the soup into a blender or food processor. Then blend away! Dorie says to keep blending until you think you are done and then blend a little bit more for a smooth green soup.
When serving, scoop a dollop of greek yogurt into the middle of each bowl, followed by a squirt of lime juice and some basil!

I loved how fresh this soup tasted. Plus it was rather hearty! Dan and I both had a bowl of soup and still had enough for soup the next day. The colour does change in vibrancy, but otherwise the taste is the same. Since I had made it in the instant pot to begin with, I could easily pour the blended soup back into the Instant Pot and set it on slow cooker mode until Dan came home from work. The soup (without the yogurt topping) would also be a great soup to serve for guests that are gluten or dairy free.

Dan also had his soup the next day with some sliced smoked cheddar. That was also super delicious. Overall, a great soup to have in the recipe banks. Plus, it really is a breeze to pull together. Go see how everyone else from Cook the Book Fridays thought about the soup here.


  1. Your soup looks so perfect, the color is gorgeous. Such a simple, easy, and delicious recipe.

  2. I agree with Ro on that gorgeous color!

  3. steph (whisk/spoon)May 10, 2019 at 3:32 PM

    hopefully this made it feel like spring in your kitchen, even if the outside isn't cooperating yet! looks delish!

  4. You had me at sliced smoked cheddar lol !! Seriously, your photos are gorgeous. So, so inspiring. Hopefully the inspiration from this green triumph will spread to your outdoors as well. Very fun to hear that you are in Ottawa, as one of the things I enjoy about the Dorie blogs is having folks from all over participating. I am in southeast Pennsylvania, US - near Philadelphia. Best --

  5. Yeah, the sliced smoked cheddar caught my eye also! No downside to this delicious soup, totally delicious.

  6. aww thanks so much! I have been working on the photo side so it is so nice to not have to think about a recipe but just focus on the photography! we recently moved to ottawa from edmonton!

  7. it is slowly starting to feel like spring here but some days I wonder if I just need to only wear rain gear here!

  8. thankyou!! i have been working on the food photography aspect! slowly slowly I'll get there!


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