Fresh-Off-the-Cob Corn Chowder - Cooking from Every Day Dorie Cookbook

After a brief hiatus, I am once again joining Cook the Book Fridays group through cooking through Dorie Greenspan's Every Day Dorie. This time it is a fresh corn off the cob chowder. Over the past few months I have increasingly loved going to Farm Boy for all of our groceries; especially fresh vegetables!
Dan and I prepped the recipe this morning and by noon we were able to have it for lunch (taking us roughly one hour to prep and cook). Dorie's recipe involves splitting the corn kernels, garlic and onions into two separate bowls to start. One bowl will eventually be the start of the corn chowder, while the other bowl is for the toppings (corn, onion, garlic along with the bacon).

To maximize time, while the soup was cooking on the stove (potatoes, corn, chicken stock and some sprigs of thyme), we also cooked the bacon in the cast iron. In Dorie's recipe she describes cooking the soup first, and then after blending up the soup (with cobs & stringy herbs discarded) to start on the toppings.

While the rest of the soup simmered away, we multi-tasked! Cooked the bacon, and then the remaining garlic, onion and corn on the cast iron in the remaining bacon fat.
For serving, I scooped the blended soup into bowls then added in some cubed cooked potatoes, the corn topping followed by the bacon.  For this bowl, I added in some kale for extra colour and flavour as we had a kale caesar salad to accompany the soup.  
I would definitely make this recipe again. Though, I am sure that only fresh corn cobs will do. However, I am sure that in a pinch canned corn kernels will work too.  I do love cooking the cobs in the soup to add further flavour. The corn also stayed nicely crisp and sweet. I should also note that I ended up using mostly chicken stock with 1 cup of water mixed in for my soup as I didn't have any chicken cubes.  As for the bacon (though not always necessary for soups), it gave this corn chowder soup the additional salt flavour it needed. Also, how could we say no to bacon?

Plus, it is a real treat to be able to cook this recipe with fresh corn from Ontario. I'll have to try again when we are back in Alberta to compare.

Hope you enjoyed this recipe and will make it yourself. It's found in page 72 of Dorie Greenspan's Everday Dorie! Even better, I found the recipe on Dorie Greenspan's site

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  1. Your corn chowder looks so delicious. This was now great recipe that I will be making again soon before all the fresh corn disappears.

  2. Delicious bowl of chowder! Love that photo! We've enjoyed this chowder too!

  3. Everopensauce EverAugust 11, 2019 at 4:38 AM

    It's extra special to make this corn chowder with fresh corns when they are at their seasonal best, though briefly. Frozen corns are OK — for the rest of the year. Good to see you back!

  4. Looking awesome your chowder.

  5. It would be difficult for me to give up the bacon. I think it added flavor /salt not only by the pieces in the soup but also by roasting the veggies in bacon fat. I also threw the second batch of potatoes in the bacon fat before adding to the soup. Enjoy your time in Ontario (I think that's where you are for a short time more). I also found that Dorie had posted the recipe on her site so that's why I printed it in my blow.

  6. looks delish! i like how you played around with the toppings.

  7. thank you! Yes, I realized there needed to be some green so in went some kale that we were using for a kale salad.

  8. haha yes it does give the flavour it needed. I didn't actually put my bacon into the soup and reserved it for more like a topping.

    I guess mine is a bit different since I realize now that I used pretty much 5 cups of chicken stock and 1 cup of water since I didn't have any cubes.

    oh yes! I found the recipe too on her site and just linked it in the post. ooh yes! we are in ontario for a while longer. Good memory! I am already half way through my 'sabbatical" and only have 6 more months to go!

  9. thanks emily! I've been trying to work on catching the natural light these days! tricky though to plan around schedules but this worked well!

  10. yes fresh corn! even where you get the corn makes a huge difference!

    thanks! hoping i'll be able to keep up with two a month come sept?!

  11. thanks! It was a delicious bowl indeed. Cooked it, shot and ate it within an hour an a half. I also love the potato one. I'll have to make that one again.

  12. yes definitely a recipe to make again before fresh corn season leaves us!

  13. Multi-tasking's the way to go. I did the same. Not sure why she instructs us to do this serially, especially since the soup has to simmer for a while. Also, when I cut up the vegetables, I just put half in each of two bowls. Much simpler way to think of it than chopping it all first then dividing it into two bowls. Glad that you are back on the Cook the Book Fridays train.

  14. Yum- I know how delicious this was (because I made it lol) but your photo is outstanding ! While we only had this for dinner if I am going to serve it to company I am going to have to ramp up my plating game. Your bowl is just gorgeous. I also loved reading about that fabulous supermarket you have. Very cool !


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