Moroccan Spiced Chickpea and Noodle soup - Everyday Dorie Cookbook

This week it has been a whole host of cooking from Dorie Greenspan's cookbook Everyday Dorie. I was super impressed how fast this recipe came together considering the fact that I only got home at 6pm but managed to prep, cook and have the soup done by 7pm. One way I sped up the cooking process was through using the Instant Pot (pressure cooker function). 

We really loved this soup. I was a bit worried initially that the ground ginger would be too much as it calls for 3.5 tablespoons of ground ginger. Since we only had about 2 tablespoons worth we put that amount in. 

The one interesting part is that Dorie's recipes indicates that you can include meatballs in the recipe. Since I was in a slight rush, I put the Instant Pot in saute mode and then starting forming about 500g of ground beef into meatballs. Okay, I realize this picture below does not look super appetizing but I just wanted to show that I seared the meatballs a bit prior to putting them into the soup. After some slight searing I took out the meatballs and started making the rest of the soup. I sauteed the onions, garlic, spices, and the can of diced tomatoes. Then I added the meatballs back in and continued stirring and cooking for a few more minutes. 

Once the meat had some time to cook further, I added in the rest of the ingredients (chicken stock, water, lentils, chick peas). Finally, I pressure cooked the soup for 10 minutes. 

We ended up with a good almost 6-7 litres of soup (we have a 8 quart instant pot)! We had so much soup we shared some with our neighbours as well as friends. We really enjoyed the flavours of the soup. Dorie also suggests adding a pinch of lemon juice at the end for additional flavour. The recipe also calls for noodles, but we felt that there was plenty of ingredients in the soup already without the noodles.  

I did find that by pressure cooking our soup, the meatballs were able to absorb some of the flavours.  However, next time I would season the meat. Perhaps, I would season the ground beef with some chopped garlic, salt, pepper and some of the spices from the soup. I am also not sure if I needed the saffron for the recipe. The soup also tasted great 2 days later. It certainly added more flavour and body to the soup over time. 

I has been cold where I am in Edmonton, so this soup was perfect. You can find it on Page 66 of Dorie Greenspan's Everyday Dorie. You can also check the Cook the Book Fridays website to see how everyone else did with this week's recipe.


  1. glad you found a good way to make this work for you! this was a nice filling soup to have around for a few days.

  2. Definitely the meatballs needed a bit of help flavour wise (and they need to be much smaller, imo!). I loved this soup as not only did it taste great but it brought back great memories of travel!

  3. This did make a lot of soup. We shared ours and hot lots of leftovers but it was good.


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