Cheesecake from Dorie Greenspan's Every Day Dorie


cheese cake on a white plate

Let's continue following along with Cook the Book Fridays and cooking from Dorie Greenspan's "Every Day Dorie". This week's was a Cheesecake. We had the option of using mandarin, tangerine or another citrus if we couldn't find tangerines. I loved how quick it was for this cheesecake to come together. I must admit that I have never made a tangerine or mandarin flavour cheesecake before so this was a first. I was a bit sad that the cheesecake dropped a bit as it cooled in the oven and then the fridge (over 8 hours) but overall the cheesecake came out of the pan so well. I loved that the cheese cake was so simple. The flavour came mainly from the zesting of the mandarins into sugar and then slowly whisking together cream cheese, ricotta and eggs. 

A slight layer of melted honey is slathered on top to give the cheesecake a shiny glaze. As you can see this cheesecake was quite large! Good thing there are many neighbours around us to help us eat all the food we experiment and create! We gave away a solid half of the cheesecake as Dorie says it feeds up to 16 servings! 

Go check out the Cook the Book Fridays page to see how everyone else did! If you want to make this yourself, check out Dorie's cookbook "Every Day Dorie" from amazon, chapters or wherever cookbooks can be purchased. 

oh and before I forget here is a picture of the short ribs I made a few months ago for Cook the Book fridays and forgot to post it!!


  1. Lucky friends being gifted this cheesecake! It's SO good! Normally I would make a large one and give it away but I'm working on a baking project right now which sees me regularly baking 4-5 recipes each weekend so my neighbours/ friends don't need anything more!

  2. Shirley @ EveropensauceMarch 19, 2021 at 1:21 PM

    You made the full cheesecake recipe and, from the look of it, it's so perfect. Mine dropped more after cooling. I assume it's natural course of event.


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