Texas Adventures- Austin Day 1 @ Easy Tiger

Today was a day of many firsts! Why do I say that? First of all I don't think I have ever woken up for a flight at 3 am. In some ways it was similar to me taking one of my regular naps instead of a good night's sleep. Another first is that thanks to Dan winning a door prize, we were able to fly business class! Not only was there a lot of leg room, but a full serviced breakfast. Also if you wanted to have beer, wine or alcohol you could! If it wasn't for the fact that it was 6 am in the morning and we were about to drive for a couple of hours we would have definitely had a glass or two in the air. 

During our drive down to Austin we passed several people taking photos of blue bonnets; which means Sprig has definitely arrived in Texas! We found our accommodations without too much trouble and after some rest, headed out to Easy Tiger for some food!

Easy Tiger is both a German bake shop and a beer garden so we checked out their pastries (packing some away for breakfast/late night snack) before heading down to the restaurant portion.

The weather in Austin has been super nice (27 C and sunny) which meant that we could take full advantage of the outdoor beer garden. We sat at communal picnic tables in the patio which is next to the ping pong tables and enjoyed our food. 

Borrego Verde - Housemade sausage of Lamb, Pork, Poblano, Cumin, with Tomatillos and green chile salsa on a pretzel bun.

Smoked Turkey Breast on Pain au Levain bread avocado, radish, roasted jalapeno aioli. 

Since we liked the pretzel bun so much and was still a bit hungry we decided to order a share plate. 

"Snack Board" - 2 small pretzels, large beer cheese, house mustard, chex mix, and beef summer sausage.

We left Easy Tiger thoroughly satisfied and full, we can't wait to check out some of the other things (including BBQ!) in Austin over the next few days. 

Hopefully we'll be able to keep you all updated with our adventures in Austin. Stay tuned for more!

Easy Tiger
East 6th Street. 
Austin, TX


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