A Visit to Bon Ton Bakery

Stopped by Bon Ton Bakery in the west end before my meeting today to pick up something for lunch. I've been meaning to go to Bon Ton for a while, but every time I was in the west end it was either closed or under renovations. So, not having been there before the renovations, I can only speak to how it was today. When approaching Bon Ton Bakery, you (or at least I) often wonder if it's open or closed as they have fairly tinted windows. I originally expected a smaller space, but upon walking in I found it was well lit and rather expansive. Fresh breads were behind the counter, desserts were to the left, pastries to the right and to the farther right a whole display of chocolates. There were also a range of gourmet products from local suppliers that I've seen at the farmer's markets. I didn't take too long of a look, as I was in a slight rush so I apologize for the scant details. However, I'm certain you can find out who else supplies products to them on their website.

I ended up purchasing a regular croissant, chocolate croissant and a stone-ground multigrain cinnamon bun. Prices were reasonable too as each item was approximately $1.85.

As I bit into the croissant, I could tell it was fresh. Not as buttery or flaky as the one I had tasted at Treestone Bakery, but nonetheless good. As I didn't finish the entire croissant for lunch, I brought it home and remade it for dinner. I sliced it in half, put in some sharp Italian provolone and slices of tomato, then toasted it in the toaster oven. The result was marvelous! The croissant regained its crunchy texture and was once again flaky. The provolone definitely added to its flavour. I also had half the chocolate croissant for dessert (toasted of course!) and that was good as well. I was expecting more chocolate, but I think they are hoping to focus more on the bread aspect of the pastry.

Oh, and for all of us that enjoy the Farmer's Market, Bon Ton also sells Dip-Sea Chicks products and Happy Camel dips and pitas. In speaking to the woman at Dip-Sea Chicks last Saturday she mentioned that a new shipment is delivered every Thursday. The dips she gives them are usually the more popular ones (e.g. Smoked Salmon). As well, if you're looking for some more unique ones by Dip-Sea Chicks, she does make a dip or two specifically for Bon Ton.

Bon Ton Bakery
8720-149 St. Edmonton, AB

Monday: 8 am - 6 pm
Tuesday - Friday: 7:30 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 7:30 am - 5 pm
Sundays and Holidays: Closed 


  1. Thank you for the review. My hubby drives past there everyday to work. Will ask him to pick up something next time.

  2. Lovely Q and A today on Only Here for the Food. Nice to get to know you better. Piave Vecchio is my favourite, too! YUM!


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