Comfort Food - Udon @ Manna Noodle

Update: Manna Noodle has now changed owners and is now known as Don Day. Udon is still on the menu along with many other delicious eats! 

One of my favourite places for lunch or dinner is Manna Noodle Cafe. Tucked into a tiny strip mall just off of 33 Ave on Parsons Rd, Manna Noodle is a tiny bit of my comfort food haven. Perfect when you're in the mood for Korean food and you're craving a bowl of hot Udon noodle & soup, spicy soup, Bugolgi with rice, or rice noodle stir-fried in terriyaki sauce. One March evening, I wanted just that. It was still winter out, so a nice hot bowl of Udon did just the trick to warm me up.
Delicious! Definitely, my go-to place when I want a bowl of Udon. The Udon pictured here is the Seafood Udon. They also have a number of spicy dishes, share plates and soup (spicy pork bone soup) & rice combos (bi-bam-bap). During the week, they also have an awesome lunch menu for a great price of either Chicken Terriyaki or Bugolgi on rice with 2 sushi pieces, spring roll and sides (bean sprouts & kimchi). As well, their complimentary ginseng tea is perfect in both the summer and winter.

Manna Noodle
101-3212 Parsons Rd. NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 469-9963
Not open mondays

Note: There is also a Korean store in the next block over (along Parson's Rd South) that has a good variety of seaweed for making your own sushi or putting in rice or soup as well as other Korean food and snacks!


  1. i'll definitely have to try that place out. thank you for sharing. have you been to B-Bim-Baab? it's another korean place in southside Edmonton. this is the link to their restaurant.

    i did a blog post on it a while ago if you're interested.

    hope you have a great long weekend!


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