Easter lamb Recipe

Easter lamb. Pictured below is one of the two lamb thighs that we had for Sunday dinner. Dan mixed a dry rub with olive oil, stuck garlic chunks into the meat, placed some bay leaves on top and wrapped it in foil before placing them into the oven.

Almost 2 hours later, we had this beauty! As you can see it is a lot of meat - almost 4 hand widths across! This was only one of the two lamb thighs on the dinner menu. I also made a gravy from the juices, garlic chunks and added some cornstarch to slightly thicken it.
To accompany the lamb we had some baby carrots and potatoes from the Farmer's Market. Certainly a very tasty dinner with friends and lots of meat!


  1. This is what it's all about! Cooking your own food for your family. Vanja loves oven roasted potatoes. I love lamb, but he hates it. I find it needs a special hand to cook it so that it tastes really yummy. I find sometimes it can be really horrid under the "wrong" cooking conditions. I have had it at places where it is just not edible. Then, I have had it and it is like heaven on a plate. Same cut of lamb, same kind of animal. Odd. Anyway, happy spring!


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