Go Fish Ocean Emporium in Vancouver

At my last trip out to Vancouver, my friends and I went to the much talked about Go Fish - located by the docks a short walk from Granville Island. The day was beautiful, sunny, and perfect for outside eating. Unfortunately, since it was such a beautiful day and a saturday, the wait for our order was rather lengthy. Go Fish is known for their fish tacones, scallop burgers, fish & chips and everything is very fresh. Here's what we got after a considerably long wait. 
Much talked about scallop burgers. Super fresh & yummy. 
Can't tell you much about the texture of the scallops since I 
was so hungry from the waiting, that I didn't notice. 
Coleslaw, had a sesame-asian flair to it.  
Fish Tacones. Moist, juicy goodness. Lemons on the side for extra flavour.
Fish chowder. 
So, I must say that though the food was incredibly tasty and the view while eating was amazing, the wait for the food was somewhat too long. However, if you're a tourist like I was that day I'm certain that you will want to check out Go Fish at least once! Just try to go at odd hours of the day, call in your order or go when the day isn't sunny and warm so the lineups will be less.

Go Fish
1501 1 Ave. West
Vancouver, BC
(604) 730-5040


  1. That scallop burger looks delicious! I love seafood but if I had to wait too long for it I'd rather cook it myself at home. Sorry to hear about the long wait. At least the food was incredibly tasty, guess it could've been a lot worse. Thank you for this review.


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