Montreal - Le Westin, Olive & Gourmando

     This past weekend, I headed to Montreal for a girl's trip. We decided that the most economical, time saving, and relaxing way was to use Via Rail to travel there. This was definitely the best choice, since our Via rail itinerary had us leaving Toronto Union Station at 6:50am arriving in Montreal at 12:30pm. To make our trip extra relaxing, we ended up staying at the beautiful Le Westin Montreal ; partly because it was situated in the perfect place (with Old Montreal behind the hotel and new montreal in front), their heavenly beds & heavenly shower heads of course, and finally what made it much more affordable was their 'pay rates equal to your birth year' (i.e.paying regular price for the 1st night, and then the 'pay your age' for the 2nd night).
     Right after settling into our hotel, we set out to explore the city and to get ourselves some lunch; albeit a late one as finding our hotel, checking in and settling into our room took a bit of time. Since Olive & Gourmando was only 0.68 km from our hotel in Old Montreal we decided to head there. Upon arriving, there were quite a few people in the restaurant. Our wait was not too long - about 10 minutes and we were soon shown our table. Ordering at Olive & Gourmando reminds one of being in a Marche where a table is reserved for you, you`re handed a piece of paper and when you order you pass your paper over so she can write down your order. Once you`re done ordering, you sit down and wait for your food. Thankfully, my ability to read French although limited was not horrible so I was able to make out the various sandwiches and soups available for the day.
One of the only hot sandwiches left: goat cheese melt with
carmelized onions and ketchup for dipping 
pastries galore!
Tomatoes, cuban chicken, guacamole - this one had a
 slight kick to it after a few bites  
These very very delicious - a bit on the pricey side though for 3.25 each
Olive & Gourmando
351 St. Paul West
Old Montreal, QC
Tuesday - Sat: 8am-6pm

Olive Et Gourmando on Urbanspoon

Le Westin Montreal
270 St. Antoine West
closest to station Square-Victoria or Place d`armes 


  1. What a fun restaurant - and a great way to travel there... did you have breakfast on the train? We were there a couple o fyears ago and stayed at the Marriot - then I have stayed at the Sheridan before that... all excellent locations... I can't wait to see your supper post!
    Why don't we have funky little trendy restaurants like that here... the little lables add such ambiance!

  2. Mmm I can almost smell the pastries from your pictures!!

  3. can you buy the cups/mugs? those are cute!

  4. @A Canadian Foodie: Yes, this was a great place to eat at. Loved their cute labels and of course the fresh pastries and sandwiches! They're also known for their home-made granola according to their chalkboard. Yes, Le Westin was definitely a good choice and recommended if you're looking for the Old Montreal ambiance while staying in one of Montreal's newest luxury hotels :) Yes, I'm working on the supper post for Montreal Day 1!

    @danprime: mm..yes they were great! Too bad I couldn't bring you back any, we'll have to make a trip out there!

    @karebear: Yes the cups are cute. I'm not sure if you can purchase them since I don't recall seeing them around. However, if you're ever there you can always ask or email them at .


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