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Here is another delicious place to try out from my short trip to Vancouver. Since Dan needed to beef up on the carbs before his marathon the next day, Kintaro Ramen fit the bill perfectly. Their portions are positively huge! Typically, the wait for Kintaro is often long but we got there right before the rush around 6pm. The only thing about Kintaro is that they don't seat your party until everyone is present. Luckily all my dinnermates arrived promptly and we didn't lose out on the only big table available in the restaurant.  
Open kitchen with bar seating around. 
Miso Ramen - bean sprouts, onion, menma, corn & bbq pork ($7.95)
notes: Very filling! The entire bowl was filled to the brim with noodles and soup stock.
Ramen - blend of soybean paste, 12 spices from 4 different regions.
note: on the spicy side. Again, super filling and filled to the brim.
Shoyu Ramen a - bean sprouts, menma, nori and BBQ pork ($7.25)
Miso Ramen again - but with green onions
Gyoza - $3.75 for 5 pieces
Overall, the food at Kintaro Ramen was great. The noodles were fresh and had a nice firmness to it as you bit into the noodles (not soggy, or undercooked). Clearly, a great way to fill up on carbs. Just remember to go early before the rush, or you'll be stuck outside staring hungrily at the patrons downing their gigantic bowls of ramen. 
 Kintaro Ramen
788 Denman St.
Vancouver, BC
(604) 682-7568


  1. YUMMERS! What are you - the traveller of the centurey - TO to VAN - when are you ever home? This looks inscrummyidible!


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