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Attending the Edmonton Foodie Meetup last week left me inspired to bring my blog back to life. It's still in the works of an overhaul as I'm planning on changing the template, perhaps with the help of danprime it'll get some readjustments in no time. Meanwhile, back to food. With food on my mind and how to make good heartwarming food, I had the sudden urge for eggs. Not just any eggs mind you, but Strathcona Farmer's Market (SFM) eggs - courtesy of Sunworks Farms. Here is the end result. My omelet filled (more like stuffed!) with again, SFM cucumber, slices of tomatoes, aged applewood cheddar cheese & slices of garlic turkey (from the Italian Centre). Looking at the picture again, reminds me that I need to perfect this skill again. The aesthetics is somewhat lacking, but it tasted great. Continuing with my inspiration, as I had several bananas browning away I turned them into my banana bread. This time, it's slightly different than my usual, but we'll have to see once it gets eaten tomorrow. The big loaf is made with 5 bananas, dark chocolate chips and the rest of the ingredients that hold it together. The mini one is my 'test' one. Same ingredients as usual as well as raisins and a cinnamon-sugar crust.


  1. I was lucky enough to get to try the banana bread! They were really yummy!!

  2. PS... welcome to the FOOD BLOGOSPHERE in Edmonton! I have added you to my Edmonton Food list on my site... Love to see what you are doing! LOVE anything with bananas - this looks great... and, I can see through your photos that we are going to have FUN!


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