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Update: This place is now sadly closed! We wish Mr. To the best and hopes he opens another restaurant soon! You can still get his montreal style bagels from the same location his restaurant was at. 

Noodle Maker recently joined the Edmonton China-town area this March. It is opened by Mr. To who is known, in some circles, for introducing green onion cakes to Edmonton! Mr. To's new restaurant is located in Chinatown close to the Harbin Gates. 

As there was a group of us that day, we had the advantage of ordering a few of their noodle bowls. Now, every time I go to a chinese noodle place with roots towards Shanghai or Taiwain, I always look for their version of the Beef Noodle Soup or 'niu ro mian' (็‰›่‚‰้บต), as it is my favorite noodle. I was certainly not disappointed with Noodle Maker's. The noodles are truly satisfying. The soup base is tasty and the noodles are done just right. They have a chewy, but firm texture. Mr. To also mentioned that all of his noodles are made in Edmonton. Pictured below is the Beef and Beef Tendon with Shanghai Noodle and bonito broth.  

We also tried these bowls as well. All were great choices! Just remember, that if you're ordering the Dan-Dan Mian or the Ja-Jian Mian, you will want to mix up the noodles first before eating. That way, all the flavours of the sauce will be well mixed with the noodles. The broth is pretty consistent in all of the noodles and can be described as flavourful. However, for those that are not used to Goat, the Goat Noodle may be a bit different as it is flavoured in the traditional way, and may have a 'sour' taste for some palates. 

These were also a great choice on our second visit. 

The Terriyaki Chicken Ramen in a red miso broth was very good. It hit the spot! Perfect on those colder days, or even when you have a craving for ramen. The Gyoza (fried Japanese dumplings) were prepared well and remained crispy. The sauce that accompanied them gave them a little extra boost in taste.   

So, if you're craving for a good bowl of noodle stop by Noodle Maker in Chinatown. You can't go wrong with their combination of noodle, soup and taste.  Perhaps, you'll also have a chance to meet Mr. To!
Noodle Maker

9653 - 102 Ave
(780) 428-0021
Open: Monday to Friday - 11am to 10pm
Calling ahead is recommended especially during the evening.
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  1. This restaurant is definitely worth a visit. It's a diamond in the rough. They also make real Montreal-style bagels. The food is excellent!

  2. @Shirley: Yes! Their food is excellent as ever! Just went last week and everything still tasted great! It's been almost a year now since they opened! They also make really amazing pork buns and green onion cakes! Try it out on your next visit. Certainly a diamond in the rough.

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