Hungry for Brunch? - New York Bagel Cafe

Hearing Liane Faulder's review of several brunch places on CBC radio back in February, made me hungry for brunch. As luck would have it, I had a friend from Toronto that weekend who, due to long shifts on her stint at the hospital, didn't had a chance to truly taste and see Edmonton ...or more like 'my version' of a good Edmonton visit! So after touring her through the Strathcona Farmer's Market and taste testing all the best places for dip, hummus, fresh veggies, bagels & pesto AND visiting the Strathcona library, we decided to try out the New York Bagel Cafe (NYBC). Every time I go to the farmer's market I've wondered about this place. From the outside it seems to occupy a small space half a block down from the market. In the summers, the place seems to be positively bursting at the seams, with people lined out the door waiting their turn for brunch. So, we made our way over to the NYBC to see for ourselves what it had to offer us. 
 The space, as most of you that have been, is small. Fitting about 8 tables in the space, and with a chair at every possible table space - makes the atmosphere feel quite homey, but close. However, with that being said, I would feel sorry for the person that would have to squeeze themselves into the corner table! After waiting approximately 15 minutes, we were seated and presented with the menus. Since we were all at a bagel place, we felt inclined to order something with at least a bagel in it! After much debating, I decided on the eggs benedict with smoked turkey on a multi-grain bagel, Dan decided on 2 over easy eggs on a cheddar bagel & S decided on the asparagus & prosciutto eggs benedict also on the cheddar bagel. There was a generous helping of fruit, which I was quite happy with, and the typical hash browns that accompany a dish of this sort. Also having heard that the coffee at NYBC was fresh ground, I ordered a house coffee. Unfortunately, the house coffee which was impressive as it came with steamed milk, came much earlier than my eggs beni leaving me with little coffee to enjoy my brunch with.
Despite the somewhat cramped conditions (I was sitting in the aisle with just enough room for the server to walk through), and the wait for the food and thus coffee getting cold, everyone was  impressed with their plates. We did wonder about the various 'condiments' on the table such as a bottle of what resembled white chocolate nutella (slightly opened previously, but not fully until us!) and the jam on the table. There were no separate knives or spoons to use these too, so I was a bit wary. Regardless, seeing that this was our first time here I think we will try it again. Prices though on the higher side was reasonable given the portion size. The fruit assortment was an assortment with strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, dragon fruit and even starfruit! 

New York Bagel Cafe
8430 Gateway Blvd NW 
(780) 432-2003


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