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Cook the Book Fridays - Mushroom Bacon Galette from Every Day Dorie

Wow, time is flying by. Sorry that I have been neglecting the blogging part lately, though, rest assured I am still doing a lot of baking and recipe testing over on Instagram. After this post, I hope to work on a macaron post! I have been spending some time working on my photography skills, photo editing and making pottery (for food props and more!). Creating my own pottery and glazing them in all sorts of fun colours have been a recent obsession of mine. If you look through these photos you will see some of my pottery pieces! 
Speaking of creating, this week's Cook the Book Fridays brings us to making (if you choose) your own pie dough for making a galette. A galette is essentially a rustic pie of sorts and describes any sort of flat, round or free form cake/pie. The recipe we are all cooking from this week for Cook the Book Fridays is Dorie Greenspan's Mushroom Bacon Galette from her Every Day Dorie Cookbook.  Making the pie dough is a breeze. Just process flour, sugar, salt…

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