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'Ono Poke Co. - Authentic Hawaiian Style Poke in Edmonton

Have you ever had Poke? Poke (pronounced Poh-kay) is essentially a salad with marinated raw fish that is super popular in Hawaii. In Hawaii, poke can be found anywhere - from major grocery stores, Mom & Pop shops, liquor stores and even gas stations. In Edmonton, 'Ono Poke is the second poke stop to open in recent weeks. I love salmon sashimi and was looking forward to trying a marinated form of raw fish.
'Ono Poke Co. recently opened in Edmonton on 104st (in fact they had their grand opening this past Saturday). I had the chance to attend a sneak peak a week earlier, prior to their opening, to learn more about their inspiration and concept. Then, this past Thursday I went for a quick dinner with Dan. 'Ono Poke is opened by Chef Lawrence Hui and his desire is to bring authentic Hawaiian poke flavours to the prairies. Prior to travelling to Maui to learn more about poke, Chef Hui had drafted a menu for what he envisioned he would be serving in his poke bowls. After spend…

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