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Neighbourhood Gems - Artisan Flatbread

Neighbourhood Gems - Artisan Flatbread in Edmonton I was thinking about making my own pita bread or similar as I had plans to eat curry for dinner the other night (as a container of frozen curry flew out of the top freezer and cracked, hence dinner plans). The only problem is that it has been +30C in Edmonton so the prospect of turning on the oven to cook up the pitas seemed a bit hot to me! I then remembered this place that I passed by every day on the way home from work. I never got a real look at it but was pretty sure the words "Artisan Flatbread" jumped out at me as I drove by. This is the same strip mall where La Tienda (Mexican food store) and Huma Mexican Restaurant are located. 
Turns out, there is indeed Artisan Flatbread as well as a Smoke Shop in the same location. Same business - different focuses. Melissa, one of the owners, told me that at Artisan Flatbread they bake a traditional flatbread from Iran called Lavash. To do this, they have even imported 2 tandoo…

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