Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jacek Chocolate Couture -104st Opening!

If you know me or have been following my blog, you know that I love all things sweet (like macarons). So, you can imagine that I was beyond excited when I learned that Jacek Chocolate Couture was opening a downtown 104st location. 

Opening day was the first day of August! At the opening, there was a live mannequin wearing chocolate jewellery! She did an amazing job staying in the various poses for a period of time.

Upon our arrival into the store my friend and I were greeted with trays of beautifully created champagne truffles. They almost looked too pretty to eat (don't worry, we made sure we tasted them all!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sage Restaurant - Signature Series of a Taste of Europe

Last Thursday, I attended the Media Dinner at the Sage Restaurant (located in the Casino River Cree) for Chef Chartrand's Sage Signature Series. The media dinner was a peek at the upcoming Taste of Europe menu which is a 6 course tasting menu available at Sage from August 26 until August 31 for $49 (drink pairings are an additional cost). 

When each beautiful dish arrived at the table, Chef Chartrand explained the inspiration behind each dish and that each dish paid homage to one of his favourite European chefs. Each dish was essentially Chef Chartrand's interpretation of the dish.
Each drink pairing was explained in detail and how it would pair with the particular dish that we were going to enjoy. 
We started with Spain for the first course with a dish inspired by Chef Jose Andres of a clams and chorizo sausage al ajillo and crispy ensalada. The egg yolk in this dish was perfectly creamy, the clams fresh and the flavours balanced well with the chorizo sausage. 

This dish was paired very nicely with a Cava Baron De Valls Brut from Catlyuna. Cava means double fermented and as such resembles a sparkling wine like champagne and this was a great drink to start the meal. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Feasting on Seafood at Sabor

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to be invited to Sabor Restaurant's (previously known as Sabor Divino) second annual seafood fest. I had been looking forward to trying out the seafood at Sabor since since Sabor's Pork Fest when I realized we had just missed the seafood festival. 

Co-owner Christian Mena started off this year's seafood festival by thanking everyone for attending and inviting everyone to enjoy dinner "family style" as we were all part of the family! We were all seated in long family style communal tables which added to the atmosphere and feeling of us all being part of one family!
We started off with some warm and cold tapas of Bacalhau (salt cod cakes), Sardine Pate Crostinis, Piri Piri Prawns and a bite of Wild Artic Char Tartar with avocado and pimento aioli. These first four tapas were all quite tasty, however, I really enjoyed the flavour in the piri piri prawns while Dan enjoyed the artic char. The presentation of the artic char tartar was unique as it was designed to be eaten in one bite so all the flavours would come together inside your mouth.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dining out in Calgary - Black Pig Bistro

Last week, Dan and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. Unfortunately, on the actual day of the anniversary, I ended up being super sick. So in an effort to recover the anniversary we ended up making plans to celebrate in Calgary and have a mini-vacation. One restaurant in particular caught our attention - Black Pig Bistro especially after our friend Carmen talked about about each of the great dishes and having recently met Chef John Michael MacNeil in June. 
Upon entering their restaurant you are greeted by the friendly front of house and given a moment to enjoy the beautiful open space. Of course, one of their key features the Iberico leg is on display for your viewing pleasure.

Shortly after we ordered, we were treated to some molecular gastronomy of encapsulated (or spherified) olives! According to chef John this was heavily inspired by the tapas Barcelona restaurant, Tickets. When you pop these into your mouth, the jelly casing gives away to a burst of olives! Granted, you must love olives to enjoy this particular presentation, but I think olives are starting to grow on me (more about olives in the next post).

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fondita Day by Mariel Montero at Expressionz Cafe

After trying out taco day at Expressionz Cafe back in March, I was keen on coming back for their much talked about Fondita Day. Fondita Day, is where mexican comfort food is presented Thursday evenings from 5-9pm at Expressionz Cafe. Mariel Montero, is the organizer and cooks up all the delicious dishes for both Fondita Day & Taco Day. As Fondita Day is not every Thursday, it is best to check their online calendar or follow them on Facebook. The good news is that the next Fondita Day is this coming Thursday July 31, 2014!

While we were enjoying our meal I also had the opportunity to meet the team behind the good eats for Fondita as well as Taco Day! Mariel Montero is the lady wearing the black apron in the first row. Look for her on your next visit!

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