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Lower East Side Brunch Tart - Everyday Dorie Cookbook

This week's Cook the Book Fridays is in memory of a fellow member Chez Nana/Ro who sadly passed away in June. Nana baked, blogged, commented on all our posts and even learned coding and photography for her blog at the age of 88. How amazing is that? This recipe - Lower East Side Brunch Tart is a recipe that Nana had nominated in the past. So in honour of her, everyone in the Cook the Book Fridays community is baking this recipe for Nana.
Our group has never "met" in person but together we are able to all cook various recipes virtually. Everyday Dorie is actually the first "cook the book" community that I have joined and so far it has been great. I enjoy being able to spend extra time working on my photography skills and picture editing without worrying about the "recipe creation" part. It also adds new ideas and dishes to our meals.
For this recipe, you can choose to make your own pate brisee (buttery pie crust) or buy a store bought one. I opted to …

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