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Cookbook Review - Korean Food Made Simple by Judy Joo

I always enjoy going out to Korean restaurants and ordering my favourite Korean dishes such as: seafood pancakes, Japchae and bulgogi. I received a copy of Korean Food Made Simple by Judy Joo from Raincoast Books. Over the past year, I have made a few of my favourite Korean dishes from her cookbook. I love how Judy easily lays out the ingredients you need, has easy to read preparation instructions and directions for cooking each of her recipes. Some of the initial recipes that I chose to cook from her book veered towards dishes that I personally love ordering at a Korean restaurant or they were hot dishes; perfect for warming one up during the cold winters here in Edmonton.  One of my favourite recipes that I have made again and again from her cookbook are the Seafood Fritters (Haemul Buchim). These are little fritters that are filled with pieces of crab, shrimp and bound together with egg and rice flour. The best thing: they are quick to whip up and make the perfect appetizer or snack…

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