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Homemade Instant Pot Bún Riêu Recipe

Bún Riêu Recipe at Home I was hooked into the flavourful Vietnamese noodle soup called Bún Riêu the moment I first ate it. If you have never had bún riêu, imagine a flavour-packed noodle soup made with a pork bone broth, filled with shrimp-crab-pork balls, tomatoes and tofu. I rarely see it served at the Vietnamese restaurants in Edmonton and Ottawa. So, I endeavoured to make my own! Having a pressure cooker and slow cooker (or for those of you like me with an Instant Pot) helps a lot! I have made bun rieu now 5 times and each time I made a few alterations until I have arrived at this recipe. Slow cooking the soup certainly makes it tastes even more flavourful; and in fact tastes 100% better the next day. But, who can wait that long? You will need a few ingredients for making your own Bún Riêu at home so I split the ingredients and directions up into 3 categories: soup broth, shrimp-pork-crab balls and assembly!

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