Saturday, September 26, 2015

Chickpea (Gluten Free) Chocolate Chip Cookies

Over the past year, Dan and I have been playing around with using chickpea flour to make cookies. We really wanted to bake a chickpea cookie that would be completely gluten free as we often bring desserts to get-togethers, work or church potlucks where there are people that are gluten free.

I also wanted to make cookies that has chocolate chips in them, since who doesn't love chocolate chips cookies? I find that these cookies are not overly sweet and the texture is pretty consistent and not crumbly. Friends and family also comment on how these cookies don't even taste too "chickpea" like. 

If you want to make these purely without any white sugar, you can replace both the white sugar and simple syrup with a natural sugar. I hope you enjoy these as much as we have! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

FEASTival of Fine Chefs 2015 - hosted by AFPA

participating establishments for FEASTival of Fine Chefs 2015
On Wednesday, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the 2015 FEASTival of Fine Chefs. Michelle (from The Tiffin Box) invited me on behalf of the Alberta Food Processors Association (AFPA) to FEASTival. FEASTival is an annual food event put on by the AFPA where you get to experience a multi-course dining experience from a range of Edmonton chefs ($125/ticket). Each year there are many fantastic establishments from all across Edmonton that take part. As well, all menus reflect food that are grown and/or processed in Alberta.

Inside of Hall A-D of Shaw Conference centre for FEASTival of Fine Chefs 2015
This annual event took place at the Shaw Conference Centre and spanned across all the halls, so you can imagine how big of an event it is. In fact, the table that I was sitting at was table 148! Even though there are approx. 22 establishments participating in the event, as a attendee you eat four dishes from four different restaurants/establishments. When you arrive you get to choose a number at the door, and that number will direct you where to go for your multi-course meal. So, it is definitely in your table's best interest for everyone to get different numbers in order to try the maximum amount of dishes! 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Country Style Gluten Free Saskatoon Pie

A baked saskatoon pie on a counter.

In the theme of pies, I want to share with you my recent creation of this Saskatoon Berry Pie. When I moved to Edmonton (this August marks 9 years!), I kept hearing about these berries called Saskatoon Berries. I was hooked on the berries when I tried a saskatoon pie purchased at the St. Albert Farmer's Market. Over the years I also learned that you could actually pick your very own saskatoon berries in and around the Edmonton area. So last year Dan and I made some attempts to pick our own berries, but by the time we went all the Saskatoon Berries were gone! Flash forward to this year when I was more than determined to pick our own. Because of the hot summer we heard people started picking them extra early so we started on Canada Day, July 1 and after a run in the Whitemud Creek area picked a significant amount of Saskatoon berries (almost 400g).
A bowl of glistening saskatoon berries.
Who would have thought these little dark purple-red berries would be so addictive? Since we had picked our own berries, I knew that the first item that I wanted to bake was my own Saskatoon Berry Pie. Now a whole pie is a lot for just the two of us, so we decided on creating a Gluten Free Saskatoon Pie that we could share with some friends that were gluten free. The pie dough recipe is similar to that of a pate sucree. We found that we needed to use a bit of cream cheese to get the pie dough to be more malleable and to not crumble immediately upon rolling.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Homemade Pie Dough

Homemade pie dough is a breeze to put together and the results, especially if you use this particular recipe is fantastic! The combination of the cold butter and lard gives this pie dough an especially flaky texture -which you can see in the side profile of the hand pies in the Raspberry Balsamic Blue Cheese Hand Pies.

All you need is 5 ingredients to make your own homemade pie dough! It is super important to have your butter and lard cold! One tip is to let the butter and lard soften up enough for you to cube them into chunks and then place them back into the fridge or freezer (if you are running out of time). I often keep some water chilled in the fridge for these sorts of recipes so preparation and and a bit of planning will definitely help you have a successful dough.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Raspberry Balsamic Blue Cheese Hand Pies

This post is part of a recipe that we created and submitted for the Melt Magazine Bloggers Challenge Four! Please help me out by voting for my recipe (Raspberry Balsamic Castello Blue Cheese Hand Pies) and tell your friends to vote by following this link. By voting, there's an added incentive to win 1 of 2 $50 grocery vouchers from Castello!

I've had plenty of pies and I've begun to get more acquainted with making and working with pie doughs and pie making. Lately, Dan has been talking about hand pies and I thought that this recipe would be a great way to try my "hand" at this.

I think the beauty of this hand pie is especially highlighted in the handmade pie dough with a crunchy sugary crust. Making your own pie dough allows you to control the flakiness and (more importantly) the amount of dough you use. The step-by-step recipe with pictures for making your own homemade pie dough is in this link.

This post will focus on the filling and the assembly of the pies.

This recipe makes 14-15 hand pies.

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