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Fluffy Layered Green Onion Cakes (Scallion Pancakes)

Green Onion Cakes (Scallion Cakes) I will be the first to say that green onion cakes or green onion pancakes were never really on my radar throughout childhood or adulthood to say the least. However in recent months; most likely with me making my own kimchi I began to see green onions in a different light. The taste also began to grow on me. So after a few trials here is my recipe for green onion cakes.

Ingredients for Green Onion Cakes  makes 8 green onion cakes 3 cups all purpose flour1 cup hot water3/4 cup cold water1 tsp salt2 cups (2-3 bundles) finely diced green onions (scallions) 8 tsp sesame oil (per green onion cake)extra salt (to taste)1/4 tbsp canola oil (for cooking each green onion cake)additional flour for rolling and kneading *bundle of green onion is the entire bundle comprised of 4-5 stalks of green onion
Dipping Sauce (mix the following together): 1/4 cup soy sauce1/2  tablespoon rice vinegar1/2  tablespoon sesame oil1/2  tablespoon chili garlic sauce (add more if you l…

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