Apple Pandowdy from Baking with Dorie

All right everyone! We are back with another recipe from Dorie Greenspan's Baking with Dorie. Of the two options for those month I chose to do the Apple Pandowdy first. We were going over to a friends' place so bringing a warm dessert seemed to fit the occasion nicely. We happened to just have enough ambrosia apples in the fridge to make the dessert so it was meant to be. The main difference for this dessert is that usually when you see a dessert with apples you think of cinnamon. Dorie Greenspan highly suggests keeping it simple and just having a lemon forward dessert for this apple pandowdy. The apples are simply dressed with sugar, lemon zest and lemon juice. The reason why its called a "Pandowdy" is because typically this dessert is made with the scrap pieces of dough you may have around after baking a pie. It isn't about perfection but just random scraps of dough.

In our case, since we were using fresh dough, we decided to make it fun and cut out some heart shapes. I must admit that this might be the first time I even used our heart shaped cutter! I have also been fairly busy prepping for my first ever pottery sale and keeping Luna (our pup) busy that Dan actually did everything for this dessert. He blended the pie dough in the food processor, made the flat dough, peeled and cut the apples and even assembled the Apple Pandowdy. I think the most I did was mix the ingredients together and put the Pandowdy in the oven! Thanks hubby for being such a great sous chef/baker. 
The top of the apple pandowdy is topped with ample amounts of sugar

Would we make this again? Most definitely. The lemon forwardness of the dessert didn't make us miss the cinnamon at all. Dorie Greenspan also gives ideas on how to change up the dessert; more spice for a warmer dessert and/or adding in different fruits depending on the season.

Clearly it must have smelled amazing as Luna (our own pup) made an attempt to hop up onto the bench at our friend's place to get a taste. Don't worry, she wasn't able to. But you can definitely see in the picture how much she wanted to while Lovey (her sister from another litter) looks on.
You can find the recipe for this Apple Pandowdy on page 257 of Baking with Dorie or here

Feel free to check out the Tuesdays with Dorie page to see what everyone else ended up cooking up (you had the choice to make either Apple Pandowdy or English Muffins). 


  1. This looks fabulous! And yay for getting the paws up from the furry friends! <3

  2. Oh those hearts are so pretty and you got such great color on your pandowdy. How cute are those doggies, so so cute.

  3. so pretty- i'd be trying to sneak a taste, too!

  4. Love the hearts. Love the dogs.


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