Purchasing Macarons

For those of you who live in the Edmonton and surrounding area, my macarons are available to purchase. Please contact me at beyondumami@gmail.com to discuss details. Orders require at least two weeks notice

Exotic Macaron Flavours

These exotic macarons are different than macarons flavours you often find in other stores. 

Available Flavours: 
Pricing: Minimum order 1 dozen per exotic flavour. $30 per dozen. 

Classic Macaron Flavours

These flavours are classic macaron flavours that everyone can enjoy. 

Pricing: Minimum order 1 dozen per classic flavour. $25 per dozen or $45 for 2 dozen of the same flavour. 

Exceptional Macaron Flavours

Have you always dreamed of eating a 25 year old Balsamic Macaron? Or maybe a Foie Gras and Chocolate Macaron catches your fancy?

Contact me to discuss your innovative order and pricing. Again, to ensure that I can fulfill your order please note that 1-2 dozen macarons require 2 weeks notice (from delivery date) and 3 dozen macarons require 3 weeks notice.


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