Dinner for One

I was crazy tired from my long day attending my 3 day workshop - and during my week long break- no less! So, after a nap and working out I decided that it was time to make something for dinner! Not having gone grocery shopping yet, I contemplated eating the same meal I had Sunday night - a turkey, smoke salmon, and provolone with pesto on olive & herb ciabatta bread (from my last visit to the Italian Centre). The only problem was, I had no cheese and no smoked salmon. Luckily, Sobeys downstairs hadn't closed yet, so I quickly headed down to pick up some food. Here is the finished product:
Steak seasoned with fresh garlic and ground pepper, topped with a quick-made mushroom sauce of basil, garlic and ground pepper; and a side of basmati rice sprinkled with dill. Quite delicious! It's true that sometimes the best steak is the ones you cook at home! Oh and just in case you were wondering, I did not eat the entire steak. Only half,as it was probably a bit much for dinner after 9:30pm.


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