More Cupcakes from Whimsical Cupcake....

Having tried two butter cream cupcakes from Whimsical Cupcake Studios a few week ago, I wanted to try their cupcake with the cream-cheese frosting. Pictured below is the Ruby.

The Ruby is a red velvet cupcake topped with cream-cheese frosting. True to my previous impressions, the cake's insides were pleasantly moist. Unfortunately, I found the cream cheese frosting overtly sweet and thick (almost chewy) compared to their cupcakes with butter cream.

Since Dan's first cupcake from Whimsical was the Ruby, I wanted him to try one with a buttercream topping. So, when I was there last week I purchased Envied.
This vanilla cupcake was topped with an almond pistachio butter cream. The pistachio buttercream was nice and light and not too heavy making it a pleasant combination with the moist part of the cake. Upon biting in, there was also a strong taste of pistachio. As well, Dan commented that, "anyone eating Envied is definitely to be envied". I take it that he liked it.

The contrast between the two types of frosting can be differentiated by their level of sweetness and texture. I prefer the light butter cream frosting to the cream cheese frosting which occasionally is overkill in terms of sweetness. As you might tell, I find that the cakes from Whimsical Cake Studio are definitely moist which I think is a crucial factor for a good cupcake. The crust is not consistently present, but the moistness factor and their truly fluffy buttercream topping continues to keep me going to Whimsical Cupcake Studio.  

Whimsical Cake Studio
8716 109 St.
(780) 988-CAKE (2253)
call for hours


  1. These look gorgeous, but I just don't get the cupcake craze. They are just purveryors of icing and so incredibly easy to make. But, that is just me. A lot of people do not bake... but I would never buy one for a treat. I find all of them too light and too sweet. I have been to Magnolia in NYC - the famous and most acclaimed cupcake store, and was sorely disappointed. I hope I am not growing into a grouchy grinch... but, that is my take on this crazy craze. You know I love your posts, though! And if you don't - I do!

  2. Thanks Val! Good to know I have readers :) I enjoy your posts too! Especially those London ones lately! I'm confident that I will have a fantastic selection of places to go to now when I'm in London. I'm going to do some posts from my 'marathon' of food eating in Vancouver soon, so look out for those in the near future.

  3. Aaaw, you have readers dear :-D I may not comment on every post or stop by everyday but when I do I make sure I'm caught up on the reading. Keep up with the great posts, I really enjoy reading them. Oh and can I add LOVE VANCOUVER EATS! I'm jealous of their food.


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