A Saturday morning in Montreal - Jean Talon Market & Première Moisson

With only one full day in Montreal, my girlfriends and I intended to make the most out of it. In order to help with our food ventures and of course to see a bunch of places in Montreal within a short span of a day, we figured that buying the one day pass was the best bang for our buck. For $7 each, all of Montreal was accessible complete with the added bonus of the ticket being good for a full 24 hours from the time of purchase! With tickets in hand, we ventured far north on the metro line to our first stop the Jean Talon Market.  
Lots of vendors with food to sample & buy!
Yes, you're seeing clearly!
That entire bucket (smaller ones) of roma tomatoes is $5!!
Rows upon rows of fresh vegetables & fruits. 
hot hot peppers!! 
After touring the market for a bit we started getting hungry. With the rain coming down faster, we quickly ducked into a place where a number of people were eating. Since, I hadn't paid attention to where we had gone, I quickly realized that we were in one of Montreal's well known bakeries - La Première Moisson. This is not just any bakery as they had fresh breads, pastries and cakes to buy, charcuterie, sandwiches and salads. They even had a tasting station!    
Charcuterie, meat, pastries and desserts to purchase. 
Their lunch special that day was your choice of half a sandwich,
a salad, and a soup or dessert with a hot drink for $11.51.
Pictured above is half a ham & swiss with a side salad.
I went with the dessert as I had heard so much about it.
Strawberry shortcake.
Another 'salad' option to accompany the sandwich.
Marche Jean-Talon
7070 Avenue Henri Julien
Montreal, Quebec H2S3A3
(514) 277-1588
Subway: Station Jean-Talon or Station de Castelnau (the market runs for several blocks along Rue Jean Talon)

La Première Moisson
various locations around Montreal. This one was located inside Jean-Talon Market.
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  1. Wow! $5 for all those tomatoes!? That's awesome! Your strawberry shortcake looks GOOD! Hope you're having a great time!

  2. I love this market - I was there just before I started blogging... I went to two in Montreal - this one, and then by myself on Saturday morning to a gourmet one way out somewhere by bus and metro, I went - and it was divine. I do not recall the name, but I recall every other detail. Wonderful markets.
    Thanks for the memories.

  3. I recently visited Montreal (2 weeks ago) and had a fabulous time! I loved the city and the people! I only spent two full days there and wished I had had one more day! Unfortunately I did not have the chance to visit Jean Talon market. We were two couples who went together and there was not enough time for everything! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I will enjoy them until I get to visit the market in person!


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