My Pierre Hermé inspired Ispahan Macarons

This post is in celebration of Macaron Day on March 20! This month's Mactweets challenge is to create something new and worthy of a party. I had just received a copy of Pierre Hermé's book, Macaronsfrom the local library so I was super enthused to try my hand at one of his famous macarons! After much thought, I decided on his Ispahan Macarons. His original creation has lychee, rose & raspberry with a white chocolate ganache. The one I created, has a dark chocolate-lychee ganache with a raspberry jelly inside. 

I must say that the creation of this macaron took longer than expected (about 5 nights of work)! First, is the creation of the raspberry jelly, then the pink sugar, the chocolate-lychee ganache (and waiting for it to set), the creation of the macarons shells and finally the assembly of the Ispahan macaron. 

So, the question on your mind may be: What does it taste like? 
Well, this macaron does not fail in creating a party in your mouth! At first bite, it is chocolately, then a clean lychee flavour emerges. Once you bite into the raspberry jelly, a raspberry note appears & combines with the rest of the flavours. Certainly a nice fruity-chocolate combination. It can also be described as a "chocolate-fondue party" in your mouth!

120g canned lychee puree mixed into 30g hot whipping cream
and then poured over the melted chocolate (~205g) to create
the chocolate-lychee ganache

210g of pureed & strained raspberries combined with 17g caster sugar
and 2g Knox gelatin to create a raspberry jelly. Best to
freeze for 2 hours, and then cut into desired squares. 

Raspberry Jelly placed onto a dollop of ganache.
Be sure to place another drop of ganache on top
before assembling macaron.
Macaron shells were dusted with pink sugar prior to being baked in oven (simply place a drop of food colouring into sugar, mix well & allow to dry) 

Certainly ready for a party any day with these pretty pink & shiny macarons! 

Happy Macaron Day - March 20!!!!!!


  1. love the flavours you used in these gorgeous macs.

  2. These are gorgeous. The flavor layers are amazing and the color is so dramatic. Love!

  3. They glisten in goodness! Lychee flavor--how exotic. Happy Macaron Day.

  4. Can macarons get better than these. Absolutely precious. I love the time and care you took to make these exotic beauties. Just beautiful. Thank you for joining us at MacTweets. Happy Macaron Day!!

  5. @simple baking: Thanks! the flavours turned out to be amazing! The raspberry jelly was tart on its own, but with the combination of the lychee chocolate ganache it was devine!

    @lora: Yes, the colour came out much brighter then I expected. However, it IS a macaron fit for a party!

    @HI Cookery: Thanks for your response. the lychee flavour was subtle but certainly present.

    @Deeba PAB. Thanks Deeba! I'm finally hitting my stride in these macs! Loved making these macarons and how beautiful they turned out.

    Happy Macaron Day everyone!

  6. Lychee sounds fantastic! These are so pretty!


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