Porking it Out at Sabor Divino

Two weeks ago on a Friday night, my husband and I had an event to celebrate. As we were trying to decide where to go, I recalled seeing this picture (below) on my twitter feed. Now, if you saw this suckling pig on your twitter feed, you too would make plans to eat at Sabor Divino immediately! 

Suckling Pig from Sabor Divino Edmonton's tweet
Sabor Divino is located in the Boardwalk area of downtown Edmonton. Upon arriving for our reservation at 8:30 pm the restaurant was fairly busy. I was also pleasantly surprised to hear a live pianist entertaining guests. It just so happened that on the night that we visited, Sabor Divino was a few days into their first annual Porkfest (Oct. 15 - Nov. 17)! With the suckling pig in mind, of course we had to try their Porkfest menu. In the end, with the exception of our appetizer and desserts both of our mains came from the Porkfest menu.

Duck carpaccio topped with arugula and drizzled with truffle oil
The duck carpaccio was a great start to our meal. Then again, you can never go wrong with truffle oil balancing the flavour of the duck and the nutty flavour of arugula. While waiting for our mains, we realized that we could request some bread. This is something that is a little different from other restaurants as bread service is provided on request. Their bread was made fresh and was a good in-between before our main course.

Check out the crispy skin on this chunk of pork that I had for my main!
This is the oven roasted suckling pig, home fries, salad and accompanied with dipping sauce ($32)

A beautiful creation of braised pork belly surrounded by bacon, potato, butternut squash,
kale and chanterelle mushrooms. Poached duck egg yolk delicately balanced on top ($28). 

We were both completely satisfied with our mains. The meat from my suckling pig was juicy and full of flavour. It also helped that there were greens available to balance out the huge chunk of pork that I had for my main dish! Dan's pork belly was equally flavourful. He noted that there was a thick crispy skin on the pork - one that he had never seen before and it was a good sized portion. Actually, both of our portions were so adequate that we decided to pack some to go in order to have enough room for dessert! 

Ah desserts! I love desserts and was more than excited to find out that they had a variety of different desserts and that everything is made in-house. The beauty of Sabor Divino's dessert menu is that if you can't decide on just one dessert or uncertain if you have the room to eat, you can choose temptation sizes for $4 each. Not all of their desserts have this option but there are at least five with this option. 

In the end we decided on the Chocolate Cayenne Mousse (full size at $7) and a temptation portion of their Tiramisu ($4). 
Temptation size of Tiramisu and made in house. I would say that this would be the deluxe
version of tiramisus as it had espresso coffee, coffee liqueur, Bailey's and Frangelico. 
Sabor Divino's Chocolate Cayenne Mousse with some heat!
As the mousse rolled over your tongue you experienced a rich chocolate sensation,
and then suddenly a hit of cayenne catches you right at the back of your throat!
Despite the initial surprise of cayenne, this dessert was my kind of perfect.
Dark chocolate, smooth and a little spicy!
There is also a semi-private dining area near one side of the restaurant.
For most of the night there was a private party there with about 10-12 people.
 They ordered an entire suckling pig to share between them! 

So, there you have it! Our fulfilling first meal at Sabor Divino filled with pork goodness and divine desserts. If you want to partake in some of the amazing local food (& pork!) that we ate that night, their PorkFest runs until November 17, 2012!  

On our next visit to Sabor Divino we would certainly want to try their regular menu as I've heard that they do some amazing seafood! Too bad we missed out on their Seafood Fest back in August/September! Christian Mena, co-owns the restaurant with his long time friend Chef Lino. Christian also talked so highly of their Chilean Carica Fruit dessert that I will have to try it on my next visit. 

Sabor Divino
10220-103 St. 
Edmonton, AB
Monday-Friday (11:30-2pm)
Monday-Saturday (after 5pm)
closed Sundays
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