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As many of you may have heard, Mama Lee's Kitchen opened this past week on 51 Ave (Duggan area). Located next to My Empanadas in a small strip mall on the south side of 51 Ave, Mama Lee's Kitchen is a place like none other in the south side of Edmonton. Mama Lee's Kitchen is not just a place to pick up really good cooked Korean food, but you can also purchase items to cook at home. When you walk into Mama Lee's you instantly see fridges stocked full of various sizes and types of kimchi (yes there is more than 1 kind, 11 types are stocked here!), stews, soups, and various side dishes. Check out their menu here.

As it was around 1pm on a Thursday afternoon, my husband and I decided that we should try out some of their cooked food. There aren't too many seats in the place (approximately 12), so if you are lucky snag yourselves a seat! Otherwise, have no worry, as all food you order comes in take-out boxes. 

We decided to try Mama Lee's Seafood Pancake ($4.50) and the Tteok Galbi combo ($8.50). The seafood pancake was nicely done with a generous portion of seafood, egg, and vegetable along with some soya sauce for dipping on the side.

The Tteok Galbi, was probably the best deal for lunch as it came with japchae (clear cold Korean noodles), kimchi, vegetable tempura, bean sprout salad and steamed rice. The Tteok Galbi was made from grilled ground beef patty and was very well seasoned. It went well with the hot rice and the rest of the accompanying sides in the combo. While my husband liked the kim chi he did admit that it was on the slightly spicy side for people who may not be used to it. However, I didn't find the kimchi too spicy.  This was also due to the fact that I paired the kimchi with some of the creamy coleslaw and the slightly sweet Tteok Galbi with the rice. 

While eating, we did notice many Koreans came in and bought kimchi. I for one, think that it must be quite a compliment if someone personally comes into just purchase kimchi. 

Overall, a great lunch time meal for two people for under $14. Certainly, we could have both ordered a combo, in which case the price would still have been super reasonable. With an easy accessibly location, I can certainly forsee myself picking up take-out or other quick-make items on the way home from work. Hope you also have the opportunity to check out Mama Lee's Kitchen soon.

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Mama Lee's Kitchen
10633 51 Ave. NW
Edmonton, AB
Monday-Saturday: 11am-7pm
Sunday: closed

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