Jacek Chocolate Couture -104st Opening!

If you know me or have been following my blog, you know that I love all things sweet (like macarons). So, you can imagine that I was beyond excited when I learned that Jacek Chocolate Couture was opening a downtown 104st location. 

Opening day was the first day of August! At the opening, there was a live mannequin wearing chocolate jewellery! She did an amazing job staying in the various poses for a period of time.

Upon our arrival into the store my friend and I were greeted with trays of beautifully created champagne truffles. They almost looked too pretty to eat (don't worry, we made sure we tasted them all!)

The 104st store is well stocked with chocolate bars as well as all of their seasonal and petite bar truffle collections. 

We couldn't say no to the gin and tonic truffle either! 

Here is Jacqueline Jacek, the owner, busy talking to customers amidst the hustle and bustle in the store. 

More chocolate truffles to sample. 

All the gorgeous truffles waiting for you to purchase!

After much deciding, I came home with a custom designed box of chocolates. 

Most of the chocolates I selected came from Jacek's Summer 2014 collection with the exception of two from the Petite Bar Collection.

 Top to Bottom: Periwinkle (Cassis coulis covered with a smooth blonde ganache), Chartreuse (Pistachio Gianduja & milk chocolate ganache covered in dark chocolate - yum!), Turquoise (Blueberry jasmine tea steeped in milk chocolate and enrobed in dark chocolate - light jasmine tea flavour as you inhale with a finish of dark chocolate) and Magenta (Market beet reduction with red velvet ganache).

The Magenta was super unique given that Jacek uses fresh beets from the market and reduces it in order to create the chocolate. The red velvet ganache worked very well with this chocolate. I would definitely recommend getting the Magenta while it is still available. 

The inside of the Periwinkle pictured on the Right. This one was very tasty as the slight tartness of the cassis coulis was offset by the smooth blonde ganache surrounding it.  

Petite Frank and Petite Stella from the Petite Bar Collection on the Left side. 

You can find these tasty chocolates at either one of the store locations in Sherwood Park or on 104th st. in Edmonton. Jacek chocolates can also be found at many locations near you; all you have to do is check their page to find a location.

Jacek Chocolate Couture
10140 104th St.
Edmonton, AB
(780) 705-9927
Closed Sundays
Twitter: Jacek104th
JACEK Chocolate Couture on Urbanspoon


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