Carving Potato Mushrooms

potato mushrooms in a bowl

Aren't these mushroom shaped potatoes the cutest? A few weeks ago, EarthFresh Foods sent me some of their potatoes to try. I received their organic yellow baby potatoes in the mail (yes! potatoes by mail!). For a little over a week, I couldn't quite figure out what to do with them. Then one Saturday morning, inspiration hit! Admittedly I was also craving brunch food items and was starting to get hungry. 
EarthFresh Foods organic yellow potatoes

These mushroom looking potatoes can be created from any type of baby potatoes and would be perfect for a quick breakfast or as a side dish for dinner. 

Carving the Potato Mushrooms

  1. Wash and dry the baby potatoes. You can leave the skin on for these potatoes. First make a small cut down one side of the potato. Turn the potato and make another parallel cut (2nd cut). Next, turn the potato again and make a 3rd cut (this will be perpendicular to the first cuts). Make another cut slightly away for the 4th cut but parallel to the 3rd cut.
    cutting the potato mushrooms in 4 visual steps.
  2. Then, gently run your knife around the base of the cuts to create the stem of your potato mushroom.
    cutting around the base to make the stem of the mushroom potato
  3. Here is the final result!
    mushroom potato all cut up!
  4. We also made a quick video to help demonstrate the creation of these potato mushrooms. This might be easier to visualize. 

Cooking the Potato Mushrooms

  1. Place the cut potato mushrooms including the square bits (your potato hash) into a bowl. I poured a tablespoon or two of some rosemary olive oil that I had made this summer and mixed it into the potatoes along with a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
    pouring rosemary oil into the mushroom potatoes
  2. Cook the seasoned potato mushrooms in a cast iron pan or bake them in the oven for 15-20 minutes.
    mushroom potatoes sizzling away in the pan
  3. Serve your potato mushrooms along with your choice of breakfast or brunch food items or as a side dish for dinner.

    the finished mushroom potatoes in a white bowl.
I have found that EarthFresh foods is also sponsoring a pretty cool giveaway until May 31, 2016 at this link. In the meantime, I am hoping that you have a chance to try making these potato mushrooms yourself!


  1. Nice carving work, I thought these were really potatoes, very cute and I bet tasty too.

  2. Thanks! These are actual potatoes and you can use any type of small potato to make them. It would be great for easter, brunch of just for fun sometime this week!

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