Neighbourhood Gems - Artisan Flatbread

Neighbourhood Gems - Artisan Flatbread in Edmonton

I was thinking about making my own pita bread or similar as I had plans to eat curry for dinner the other night (as a container of frozen curry flew out of the top freezer and cracked, hence dinner plans). The only problem is that it has been +30C in Edmonton so the prospect of turning on the oven to cook up the pitas seemed a bit hot to me! I then remembered this place that I passed by every day on the way home from work. I never got a real look at it but was pretty sure the words "Artisan Flatbread" jumped out at me as I drove by. This is the same strip mall where La Tienda (Mexican food store) and Huma Mexican Restaurant are located. 

Turns out, there is indeed Artisan Flatbread as well as a Smoke Shop in the same location. Same business - different focuses. Melissa, one of the owners, told me that at Artisan Flatbread they bake a traditional flatbread from Iran called Lavash. To do this, they have even imported 2 tandoor ovens so that they can bake the lavash fresh daily. Melissa also mentioned to me that at the moment they are focusing on white lavash but can also make whole wheat lavash. Demand has been quite high for the Lavash as no one else in Edmonton makes it!

The lavash dough is a highly sticky dough so there are only a few bakers that know how to make and bake it in the Tandoor oven. The dough is so sticky, that it can stick to the walls! 

As for the lavash itself? So delicious! It is so soft, airy and light! It paired perfectly with the Penang curry. On the packaging it says that there is no butters, oils, salt or sugars added. I asked Melissa why I still tasted some salt in the lavash. She noted that it was because the flour that they use has some salt content. Without the particular flour mixture they use the lavash dough would stick to the tandoor oven.

The lavash was so good that Kyla, the dog, even got in on the fun. I turned my back for one second and she managed to reach to the middle of my plate (I must not have put it far enough away) and ate one off my plate! I wish I had a photo, but each lavash is a decent size - face size for sure! It sure covered her face as she ran away from me while trying to eat the lavash!
Guilty face? or the face of a dog wanting to eat more lavash

Tired after eating that massive lavash
Each bag includes 4 giant pieces of lavash. The are currently selling the bag for $4 each. Artisan Flatbread also imports their own bags of Basmati rice. 
Lavash for dinner with some turkey-ricotta meatballs, roasted cauliflower and a cucumber, dill yogurt dip.

Well, go visit them and try some lavash! They just opened in January 2018!  For those in the south or west end, Melissa also noted that you can find their Lavash at H&W Produce! One thing to remember, the lavash needs to be eaten quickly as there are no preservatives! So just buy one bag at a time and then go back for more!

Artisan Flatbread
9848 63 Ave.
Edmonton, AB
(780) 430-1938


  1. awesome! will def walk over and buy a bag -- love local

  2. Thanks for posting this, Lillian. I was watching Anthony Bourdain enjoying lavash in Armenia last week and thought "I wonder where I could get some?" Now I know! And it's local, too!

  3. ooh good to know!! I should watch that episode too!


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