Bean & Tortilla Soup - Every Day Dorie AND Blueberry-Buttermilk Bundt Cake

Hello, it has been a while! I have been updating my instagram, but between work starting again end of August, attending to all new COVID-protocols (while still doing my job as a Speech-Language Pathologist), pottery and getting ready for a puppy (YES! we are finally getting one) has been a touch busy! So today, I am finally getting back to my blogging and playing catch-up in my cooking through Dorie Greenspan's Every Day Dorie with the "Cook the Book Fridays" bloggers! This past Friday it was the Bean & Tortilla Soup (Page 60).  This soup is super easy to prep! Which was great since we chopped up all of the red onions, peppers, garlic, and carrots before we went for our flu shot, and then upon returning home we just threw it into the instant pot to saute.

In Dorie's recipe, she suggests just heating up the beans (we used kidney beans), then spooning the amount you want into your bowl and then layering on the soup. Her recipe involves cooking over the stove-top. We sped up the process a touch by using our Instant Pot on the pressure cook mode for 5 minutes. To make the soup base we used the rest of the liquid from the kidney beans and water - as we realized while prepping the soup that we had run out of chicken stock. 

Finally, the toppings! Dorie gives lots of great suggestions for toppings. She suggests reserving a bit of the red onions and peppers behind to add to your soup. Then, all the toppings are essentially everything I love about dips, but in soup form! Avocados, shredded cheese, yogurt/sour cream and finally tortillas! I might have over done my toppings a bit but this was such a great meal considering how cold it is getting here in Edmonton! 

His (in the background) and Hers versions of the Bean & Tortilla Soup
in my wheel thrown bowls! 

One addition is that next time, I would add more than 1tsp of adobo sauce; probably a good tablespoon of adobo sauce. This would add more smokiness to the soup which would help separate this soup from a minestrone soup and more towards a Bean & Tortilla soup. Dan did add in more adobo sauce to his soup later.  Overall, a great soup to add to our soup rotations this Winter! Check out the Cook the Book Fridays page to see how everyone else did! 

Finally, one more picture to add to my catching up of Every Day Dorie is this Blueberry-Buttermilk Bundt Cake! This one is a keeper! It was so good, I made it twice! Each time, we wisely cut up a good half of the bundt cake and shared it with our neighbours (individually wrapped of course!). 

So so moist! The blueberries were so good in combination with the rest of the cake! The second time we made it, I used milkadamia milk using macadamian nuts (instead of buttermilk) and it still turned out great! 


  1. yes-this is like seven-layer dip in soup form. hahah. so good!

  2. Wow - you HAVE been busy !! We need a picture of your puppy lol !!!! I cannot believe you made those beautiful bowls - how fun. This soup was a huge hit in my house and your captured it beautifully in your photos. Your blueberry bundt cake also turned out beautifully. I had work friends see the picture and they still comment about wanting my blueberry cake lol. Great to "see" you back :)

  3. You only had to say, "New Puppy," and that would have explained your absence! First, that blueberry cake was absolutely delicious. I shared it with neighbors and then made another one for me and to share! What I liked most about this tortilla soup was its lightness. With every bowl I used different add-ons. That was fun. For the last bowl I just gave myself a party and threw everything on top. That was fun. Glad you and your husband liked it as well.

  4. aww.. thanks!! Yes! I need to blog more! Which I intend to do but the new puppy prep is still a LOT!

    Glad everyone liked this recipe! I need to check now to see what this week's is!

  5. yes! puppy photos coming soon! We go out this weekend to visit her! You can follow along on my stories on instagram to see all the puppy LOVE! yes! It has been a super fun hobby and I hope that I can continue getting better and better at making pottery! I only started back in 2018 so it is still a journey!

  6. YES! 7 layer dip of soup! I just kept adding and adding and adding!

  7. Glad to see another healthcare worker in the group. I am an RD, still working, busy as ever. These were two great recipes to catch up on. They were a winner in my house too. Stay safe.


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