Street food in Van - Japa dogs!

If you're ever in Vancouver, the one thing that every good food connoisseur should advise you to try is the acclaimed Japa Dog. Now, this is not just any hot dog, but a beef, bratwurst, pork, turkey or vegetable hotdog filled with a variety of toppings - such as bonito flakes (very good!), delicate pieces of seasoned, dried seaweed (also very appetizing), fried cabbage, Japanese mayo, teriyaki sauce etc... To make it easier for Japa Dog visitors, there is a series of menu options in visual form to make your decision a smooth one. Here's a sample of what you can expect if you're ordering a Japa Dog.
Part of the Terimayo Series - my choice: the Beef Terimayo, an all beef hot dog topped with tasty Japanese mayo, teriyaki sauce, fried onions and shredded seaweed for $4.75. 
Dan's pick, the Okonomi with Kurobuta (pork) sausage, topped in layers with Japanese mayo, fried cabbage, okonomi sauce, shredded seaweed and dried bonito flakes for $6.75.

The price of Dan's Okonomi seems a bit on the pricier end, which I'm thinking is attributed to the Kurobuta sausage. Nevertheless, the combination of the all the toppings is truly delicious! I've also wondered, due to the price of the Kurobuta, if you could substitute for a cheaper hotdog such as the bratwurst or beef and still get the same toppings(?). Since, the toppings themselves add to a large portion of the taste factor. 

Of course, you can get the 'regular hotdog' at any of their carts, but what's the fun in that? Next time you're in Vancouver, be sure to try a Japa Dog. Certainly a taste towards umami. Be warned, though, that the line can get quite long nearing lunch or dinner hour. As well, according to their website since May 28, Japa Dog has now opened a physical location at 530 Robson St. Vancouver! From what Japa Dog lovers have said, the line is still long. For those wanting the cart version, visit them at the following address:

Downtown Vancouver, BC
corner of Burrard & Smithe
near the Sutton Place Hotel
Monday to Thursday: 12:00 p.m - 8:00 p.m
Friday and Saturday: 12:00 p.m - 9:00 p.m
Sunday: 12:00 p.m - 7:00 p.m   

Ordering notes: When you arrive at the cart, you will see two lines. This sound self-explanatory, but one line is for ordering and one line is for picking up your order. The line directly in front of the cart is where you order your food. After you've ordered, they will give you a plastic card with your order number and you will be asked to wait in the line beside the cart. 


  1. YUM! What a novel idea. How long does it take for them to get your order to you.... were there a lot of choices of street food there now, or is this basically it? Just curious.

  2. This is sooo cool! We visit my in-laws at least 2 or 3 times a year in Vancouver so I will definitely look for this next time we're there. Looks super yummy. Can't believe I've never seen these carts before. Maybe I have and just overlooked them as I am not a hotdog fan but this looks uber yummy. Thank you for sharing!
    (sorry, this is the only account I was able to sign in with)

  3. japa dogs are the best!


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