Foodprint Toronto!

Food Print Toronto is just around the corner and starts tomorrow, Saturday July 31st at 12:30pm. It seems to be quite the event with many local panelists that will be discussing what shapes Toronto's food and how we can continue to feed the city in the future. And of course, the exciting part is that an event talking about food has food for attenders to munch on! There will be refreshments and snacks from Not Far From The Tree, beer from Steam Whistle, smoked fish from Akiwenzie’s Fish, healthy snacks from the Ontario Natural Food Co-op, and others. For those interested more info can be found here:  
And, for those that won't be able to attend this event, you can catch it through live streaming! 

Another worthwhile book that I got recently from the library is this book titled: The Edible City  -Toronto's food from farm to fork, edited by Christina Palassio & Alana Wilcox. It's essentially a series of essays and short stories discussing how one city eats and the perceptions of each author about food. The book as a whole brings together the bigger picture of how a city can successfully sustain itself.

Well, I'll let you know how Foodprint Toronto goes tomorrow. Meanwhile check out their website and the book. 


  1. How ever did you hear of this? I absolutely must go next year. We need to do this here! A very interesting read, Lillian. Thank you for posting it. I am dying to know why there are no other comments. Tweet it. It is important stuff!
    Sorry I am so behind on my readings!!!.... left for Paris July 11th and we are now in Belgrade but will be home in a few days! YAYAYAYA!


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