St.Lawrence Market - Good Variety of Food

Took a nice walk down to Toronto's St. Lawrence Market today. The weather in Toronto has been fairly warm lately, but with a nice breeze the 20 minute walk down to the market was thankfully not too tiring. Plus, a nice bonus was the free Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich and Grace coconut juice being given out as I passed by Union Station. After a quick walk east of Union station, I approached St. Lawrence Market. 
St. Lawrence Market is rich with - well you guessed it food and lots of it! All the usual suspects are available. There's fresh salmon to buy, meat, cheese from every part of the world, olives (yes, even the stuffed ones), baked goods, tea and coffee. 
I was on a mission to find a bottle of balsamic vinegar - something that I could use everyday. I entered Scheffler's Deli, hoping to find something. Plus I figured I couldn't go too wrong as their sign indicated that they had been around since 1955. While in the condiment section I approached an associate, who was busy eating a salad, so I figured I would ask him. Pictured below, is the bottle of balsamic he directed me to. Not too highly priced ($5.99), and would be suitable for everyday use. Too bad they couldn't find the bottle of balsamic he was actually using in his salad! 
Now walking down to St. Lawrence Market turned out to be an easy one, but the walk back, was a different story! However, once home I quickly set to making a light dinner. Since I had just bought some cheese and the bottle of balsamic vinegar, I decided on a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with two types of cheese (English Stilton & Smoked Gruyere) accompanied with a romaine lettuce salad topped with herbed feta, tomato, and a home-made vinaigrette. Delicious! :) 
Salad dressing (for 2 -3 salads)
2 tbs balsamic vinegar
2 tbs olive oil
1-2 tbs honey (depends how sweet you want it)
mix well in a small bowl or salad dressing dispenser and serve
*note* for this meal I used 1 tbs of Verry Berry Black Raspberry Honey 

St. Lawrence Market
92 Front Street. East.
Toronto, ON


  1. I am crazy over outdoor markets and have reviewed several and some fairly interesting and significant ones. I crave more information and photos. Did you take more? This is leaving me with a sniff, but not a satisfying view. Good looking quick lunch, though.

  2. Hello:
    This is my first time on your blog, and I like what I see!

    I will be coming to Ontario next month until the end of September.

    Could you please tell me how St. Lawrence Market is for parking?

    Have a Joyful Day


  3. @CharlesR: Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're able to find more things you like on my blog! The St. Lawrence market area is a bit tricky for parking but not impossible. There is parking available on the street or in the underground parkade. Here's a website that you can use for looking where parking is around the area: Parking Republic or the GreenP parking . Parking may get expensive, so just watch your time carefully. If you're able to take public transit instead that would be a good option as well. That way, you don't need to worry about the car.


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