May News & Ongoings!

Wow! Who would have thought that April would fly by so quickly? Before I talk about what I was up to in April, the above photo depicts the beauty challenge that I am participating in this May! We all know we should drink more water, but do we? Together with a few others through Blossom Lounge, I will try my very best to drink 2.5L (or more!) each and every day for the entire month of May! The rubber bands on my BKR bottle will help me keep track. Follow along with me on instagram or on this blog! The hashtags that we are using are #blossomxbkr #bkrlovesyou #blossomlounge. 

April was a busy one with me teaching friends to bake macarons, doing a comparison of matcha powders, dinners at home (we've been trying to cook more at home), and Eat Alberta 2014

So, in the next few weeks, check back for my post comparing two different types of matcha powders for making Matcha green tea macarons.

I had the opportunity to be a volunteer this year at Eat Alberta 2014: Seedy Business and the whole experience was excellent! I will blog more in my post on Eat Alberta. Meanwhile, I will leave you with one of the many things I learned that day - How to take apart a whole chicken! (From Nevin of Drift Food Truck).

Here's the link if the above doesn't work
Lastly, Dan & I have been trying to cook more food at home. For example, crispy skinned chicken in a cast iron pan or fish cooked in the dutch oven. I will blog those too in the next few weeks! If there is any food on my instagram feed that you want to know how to make, drop a comment below!


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