Sabor Restaurant - 3rd Annual Seafood Festival

Having just had a fantastic family style dinner at Sabor with family, I was invited to Sabor this past Monday for the launch of their 3rd Annual Seafood Fest! The seafood fest we had last year was so good, so we knew that this year's would be no exception. Chef Lino Oliveira truly impressed the guests with not only beautifully created dishes but each had its own wonderful flavours and story.

All the seafood available on the menu at Sabor is 100% Ocean Wise certified. This means that Ocean Wise, which is a program through the Vancouver Aquarium, will look at all the fish available and recommend which ones should be eaten based on the time of the year and other factors such as the management of the fishery and how they are caught. There is also an Ocean Wise iPhone App that you can use when you are out and about to locate other Ocean wise restaurants, markets, look up Ocean Wise partners, view updated seafood recommendations and also browse different seafood species. All the seafood that Sabor uses is supplied through Albion Fisheries.

To start we had the Sabor Ceasar Shot - made with Eau Claire Distillery's Three Point Vodka and a freshly shucked Malpeque oyster. Delicious! 

Next up was Sabor's interpretation of Fish and Chips consisting of fried Lake Smelt with Piri Piri spiced chips. This one was quite tasty, as long as you are okay with the edible but small bones from the fried Lake Smelt. My dining partner that night, Mercedes and I also loved the Piri Piri chips but we might have been a tad hungry at this point.

The Pinchos Board (Spanish Tapas). Traditionally the toothpicks are used to keep track of how many tapas a customer has eaten in order to know what to charge. On the board is Sabor's signature olives, octopus, snail in red wine, crab fritters and seared scallops with pork belly.

The next beautifully plated dish was the Crudo Con Pebre using 100% Ocean Wise certified fresh B.C coast halibut, Sri Lanka Ahi tuna, fresh trawled B.C salmon and Alaskan weathervane scallops.

The Sardine Flatbread arrived after the Crudo, which is a nod to Sabor's recent pizza venture Urbano Pizza (located right beside Sabor) made with an onion and anchovy spread and black olives. The sardine flavour went really well with the olives (even though I'm not a huge fan of olives) and I really liked the soft yet slightly crispy texture of the flatbread.

Grilled humboldt squid and prawns with chorizo in a white bean puree. I don't think I have ever had squid prepared this way before as it was very soft and not rubbery at all. It went well with the white bean puree.

Roasted rapini and cornbread migas (the side to the sturgeon). Also, a family recipe! 

The last main dish of the night was this super delicious bacon wrapped sturgeon on puttanesca sauce. Really well cooked considering that it is a slightly meatier fish. 

For dessert we got to enjoy Mama Margarita's Pudim Flan paired with Vila Real 10-year Tawny Port from Portugal. So darn good! Also, from what Brittney has reported, this will also be a gelato flavour at Urbano Pizza. 

If you want a chance to try some of the food pictured above head over to Sabor for their Seafood Festival. It starts this Friday July 31 and runs until August 30! Also, please note that the Fish & Chips will not always be available, only on certain days and announced via Sabor's twitter feed. 

Sabor Restaurant
10220-103 St. 
Edmonton, AB
Hours: Lunch Mon-Fri (11:30am-2pm) 
Dinner Mon-Sat (5pm-10pm)   Sunday (5-9pm)
Reservations: (780)757-1114 or Open Table
Twitter: @Sabor_yeg
Instagram: @sabor_yeg


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