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perfectly seared tuna on a bed of fresh cucumber salad

Over the past few years, Dan and I have enjoyed going to Sabor for dinners including our first dinner there back in 2012, birthdays and their seafood fest last year (which also happened to be on Dan's birthday). So, when my parents planned on visiting us this summer we started to come up with a list of restaurants that we would take them to. Of course, Sabor was on the list! 

We ended up having dinner at Sabor on a Saturday night in July with my in-laws (Dan's parents), my parents and family friends. In total there were 8 of us. To my delight, we were seated in the semi-private dining area. After much deliberation, everyone decided to go with the Family style dining option - which at $49 per person was a really good price! The family style dining is served family style so all the food is on one plate and the menu is decided by Chef Lino. Typically there are two appetizers, a main with two proteins, and a selection of desserts.

large piri piri prawns for family style dining at Sabor

That night our appetizers were some beautifully seared and cooked tuna on top of a refreshing bed of cucumber salad (pictured above) and Piri Piri Prawns with a slight hint of spice to them. Each person's portion size for the appetizers were two pieces each of the tuna and prawns.

lobster risotto with perfectly cooked chilean sea bass and halibut with chunks of lobster
For the mains we had (my favourite) lobster risotto with good chunks of lobster topped with a piece each of Chilean Seabass and Halibut. Portion sizes were more than enough and my Mom loved that she had such a variety of seafood on her plate. She also really enjoys Chilean Seabass and was delighted to see each piece of fish prepared perfectly. All the seafood available on their menu is also 100% OceanWise certified. 

tasting desserts at sabor - tiramisu, cheesecake with passionfruit, chocolate cayenne mousse, sabor cheesecake with port cherries and portugese cream custard

For dessert we had a small portion each of 4 of their desserts (each side of the table had a plate of these to share among 4 people). Going clockwise from the Tiramisu, there was the cheesecake with passionfruit coulis, chocolate cayenne mousse, Sabor Cheesecake with port cherries and their Portugese cream custard with caramelized sugar and cinnamon. My favourite is always the Chocolate Mousse as I love the little kick of Cayenne pepper. My Mom really liked the cheesecake mainly for the cherries, while my mother in law loved the passionfruit coulis on the other cheesecake. Of course, the tiramisu was a crowd favourite. Dan still chooses the custard tart as his favourite and talks about making his own soon. 

All in all, everyone enjoyed their meal immensely. In fact, in talking to our family friends they loved the dinner so much they ended up visiting again recently to have the family style dinner with their own kids. 

So, there you have it! Family style dining at Sabor for a really reasonable price and everyone will be well fed! I also hear that their lunch menu has some great options as well, so go visit them for lunch, dinner or during their Annual Seafood Festival

Sabor Restaurant
10220-103 St. 
Edmonton, AB
Hours: Lunch Mon-Fri (11:30am-2pm) 
Dinner Mon-Sat (5pm-10pm)   Sunday (5-9pm)
Reservations: (780)757-1114 or Open Table
Twitter: @Sabor_yeg
Instagram: @sabor_yeg


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