Neighbourhood Gems: Juniper Cafe & Bistro

The inside of Juniper Cafe & Bistro
One Saturday a few weekends ago, Dan and I decided to check out Juniper Cafe & Bistro for a relaxing Saturday brunch. I had been there a few months before for a hot chocolate on a wintery day. The space is beautiful and bright, a variety of food options (snacks, meals, and desserts) with lots of options for drinks (including alcoholic). It's located in a strip mall in the Strathearn area, so it is super close to where we live.  

Three chalkboard menus highlighting the drink menu of Juniper Cafe
A variety of desserts (gluten free included) under glass domes and in the fridge. 
On the Saturday we visited, Dan's eye was immediately drawn towards the Specials Menu which included a Guinness Steak & Mushroom Savoury Pie. I, on the other hand, debated between having one of the grilled cheese options or a hand held bennie.
A mini whiteboard highlighting the specials at Juniper Cafe
In the end, I opted for Juniper's Handheld Bennie while Dan stayed true to his first choice. 
A plate containing a bowl savoury guinness steak and mushroom topped with a flaky pie crust beside a small salad of mixed greens.
Dan really appreciated the fact that all the menu items were made from scratch and quickly polished off the savoury pie that had a hint of guinness beer marinade with a flaky pastry top.
A poached egg benedict sitting on top of pulled pork covered with a white lemon garlic aioli.
A handheld benny is a delicious version of an eggs benedict with pulled pork on a bun topped with a lemon-garlic aioli. The egg was perfectly runny and there was more than enough to spread across to halves of the bun.
A wall containing various paintings, photos, plates, license plates and knick knacks at Juniper Cafe.

Juniper Cafe Bistro definitely has a unique character feel to it as evidenced by the wall filled with eclectic pieces of modern pop art and the large, long communal table that stretches across the dining area. Don't let the outside fool you as the space inside is definitely larger. We were a bit sad to learn that Juniper will close at some point in the next few years due to the upcoming LRT Valley line being constructed. However, in the meantime, we hope to visit it more often as it's definitely a neighbourhood gem for the Strathern area in East Edmonton.

Juniper Cafe & Bistro
9514-87 Street, Edmonton, AB. 
(780) 490.6799


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