Sabor's 5th Annual Seafood Festival

Sabor is easily one of my favourite Edmonton restaurants. Not only do they make an amazing seafood risotto, but their commitment to sustainable seafood is evident in the dishes that they feature in their annual Seafood Festival. All seafood dishes are Ocean Wise certified at Sabor. This year I had the privilege to celebrate with them on the kick-off of their 5th annual Seafood Festival and 10th anniversary! For their 5th anniversary, Sabor's Chef Lino Oliveira collaborated with Hawaiian Chefs Lyndon Honda (from Sheraton Maui) and Chef Tom Muromoto (from Ka'anapali Beach Hotel).
Chef Tom Muromoto and Chef Lyndon Honda talking to guests
Chef Tom Muromoto and Chef Lyndon Honda
Aside from the fresh oysters available at the raw bar, I really enjoyed the Ahi tartare on a Taro Chip. The taro chip was the perfect vessel for showcasing the freshness of the ahi tartare. 
ahi tuna tartare on a crispy taro chip
Ahi Tartare on a taro chip
Shrimp cocktail with a papaya tomato salsa
Island Shrimp with a papaya tomato salsa
Langostine white bean burrito on a tray
Langostine (like a crayfish) White Bean Burrito 

For appetizers, much to the delight of one my dining partners (Linda Hoang) one of the dishes was SPAM & clams! Filled to the brim with Portuguese sausage SPAM, and the clams were finished with garlic, pimento, white wine and cilantro.
portugese sausage SPAM and clams!
I loved the chilled lobster tail (with pieces of avocado and a vanilla bean lime vinaigrette). Rounding up the last of the appetizers a super tasty dish of Grilled Prawns in a coconut taro leaf curry. 
chilled lobster tail with avocado vanilla bean lime vinaigrette on a white plate

grilled prawns in a coconut taro leaf curry
For the main courses there was a juicy perfectly cooked Ko'ala lamb chops with a mango mint chutney! I loved this one a lot! So much so that I did a quick search and found a recipe for the lamb chops by Chef Tom Muromoto. 
Ko'ala lamb chops with a mango mint chutney on a white plate 
Within the second courses, there was Octopus three ways. This included Octopus stewed with red wine & tomatoes (topped with polenta), Grilled Octopus with sea asparagus and a creamy Octopus Risotto!
Octopus 3 ways - stewed with red wine and tomatoes
octopus with grilled sea asparagus
creamy risotto with octopus - octopus three ways for Sabor Seafood Festival
A rich Puerto Rican-style pork stew with a green banana fried rice was next. Most definitely comfort food!
Puerto rican-style pork stew in a red bowl

green banana fried rice

Best yet we finished our meal with a stuffed malasada. If you haven't ever had a stuffed malasada -  think freshly fried donut! Except this time it is stuffed with coconut ice cream and then topped with mango sauce. This was definitely a great way to end our meal during the media preview of Sabor's Seafood Festival!
stuffed malasada (fried donut) stuffed with coconut ice cream

Sabor's Seafood Festival runs from August 7 to 31, 2018. The final version of the Seafood Festival 2018 menu is available on Sabor's website.  If you aren't completely sure about what to order, than try the Family Style option at $55.  Here's one that we had a few years ago. More recent iterations of the family style dining option will include more raw bar options such as freshly shucked oysters.  

Thanks again to Bonafide Media & PR for a lovely evening as usual! 

Sabor Restaurant
10220-103 St.
Edmonton, AB
Hours: Lunch Mon-Fri (11:30am-2pm)
Dinner: 4:30pm
Reservations: (780)757-1114 or Open Table
Twitter: @Sabor_yegInstagram: @sabor_yeg


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